Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Respect non living things.....

I was driving a relative to the station when he heard me murmuring to myself. He asked whether I was talking to him or???

I told him I was talking to my car. He was surprised to see my weird look! I explained, I take all things, including plants and creatures as living things like us. Each time when I go inside my car and before I start my drive, I will pat the car steering and talk to her... "Hi my darling Honda, morning. Let's have fun again today. I  would drive carefully to take care of you, and please do take care of me as well. Okay?"

To many people, they think car is just a car but to me she is a real living thing with life like us. I respect her and feel for her, and I believe she would react the same. Ever since I bought her a couple of years back, she has been taking good care of me. Rain or shines, she covers me. In danger, she shields me and she is prepared to rough out all the journeys with me without complain. Similarly I have to be faithful and kind to her at all time. Believe me, I have never encountered any accident while with her. Thank you darling Honda.

My relative was shaking his head. I wonder whether he believed!!! What about you there?

Moral of the story- Respect all living and non living things around us. 


pili kulim said...

i heard orang kampung will a have chat every morning with their pokok durian, manggis, and pokok bunga.....and these trees seem that they also able to communicate with their master by producing good quality of fruits and flowers...but talking to a car.....eemm still something new to me........but mr robert ....if there is no people/things around...i think u must be talking to yourself also...

Robert Foo said...

Hi Pili Kulim

Yes! Especially in the night when there isn't anyone, I talk to myself by blogging. Otherwise you won't have been reading my post. Right?

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