Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My children are my best friend......

I have not seen my eldest son for a year, except on phone and constant text messaging. We are meeting up this Chinese New Year. Being a good son he is, he sent me a message....

Alvin.. "Hi" How are things dad? All good?"

Though he is my hero son, I treat him more like a good friend. See how I replied him here on text...
"Dad is always on top of the world".
"No matter where I'm. Standing at any place or at any position, I'm always on top of the world".
"Coz I have three wonderful sons and they are my best friends".
"Plus six and a half grand children. All considered to be my little brothers & sister".
"One fantastic wife, unaccountable dears, many honeys, few darlings and one sexy lovable sweetheart. How not on top of the world. Right?"
"Plus a super hobby selling life insurance. Talking rubbish all the time and yet people still believe me. How not on top of the world."
"Writing crazy stuffs on blog with admirable readers asking for more. How not on top of the world?"
"Have I answered you son?"

Alvin laughing all the way... "Perfect answer though a long one".

Specially for my children and the little brothers - "Treat your kids like a darling for the first five years. For the  next five years, scold them. By the time they turn sixteen, treat them like a friend. Your grown up children are your best friends" - Chanakya


Caldwin Foo said...

Even though when far apart, you will remain as the most respected and admirable wise man in heart. We will be best friend forever till death do us part. Love you, Dad.


Robert Foo said...

Hi Caldwin,

Dad loves you too.