Monday, January 07, 2013

Superstitious belief came true......

When I was a little boy, I made my mum angry. Mischievous and playful, I hurt my emotional poor mother. She said several times to me. Warning me, a disobedient child would be punished later in life. Tit for tat, I would be irritated by my own child when I have my own children one day. It was just superstitious belief and I didn't bother to listen.

Later when I got marry and my mother had already left the world, her story came true until I had to write this belief for my readers to believe. Out of my three sons, my first son gave me the hell of life when he was a young teenager. He was intelligence but was very mischievous and even more playful than me when I was his age. He kept me worried all those years and I had to sacrifice a lot of time, effort and money to bring him up.  Thanks God! Today he is my hero of my heart. He is smart, kind and full of richness in heart. I bet you! All of you will like him.

Next! Today he is married and has three children. His eldest son is 14. This child beat the two of us in term of behaviour and character. He isn't afraid of the father and the father is too soft to use the cane. I have to help by offering my encouragement to my son. I kept reminding him, son, though you are a super salesperson that could almost sell anything on earth, you are at lost in selling love to your boy. Be patience and have tolerance, shower him as much with your fatherly love and the magic of love will appear gradually. 

I can be motivating him with words but deep down in my mind, I still remembered my mother's story. A disobedient child would be punished later in life by your own children. It's called 'Tit for Tat' and believe it or not, it had happened in my family. From me to my grandson now, a three generations episode that is beyond my control. I wished... I should have listened to my mum. "Mother I am sorry! Can you forgive me and let my son and grandson to be able to live happily together".

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