Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Good manner but wrong intention

Is a manner to say, "How are you?" Not many would say it sincerely. If you don't believe me, the next time when someone approaches you, either on phone or in person, take a bit of time to observe. You would be surprised that most say these three words out of manner and not out from the heart.

To see a friend or a stranger, it is a manner to start with an opening words. Most of the time, "How are you?" is the starter to any discussion or meeting. If these three simple words are spoken with the real intention from the heart of knowing how is the person in front of you, it should be spoken with full enthusiasm and smile. The person who hears them, should be felt with warm and feeling of acceptance. Because he knows that you really have intention to know his self being. Regret to say, most of the time, these gesture are spoken so fast that your listeners don't even have the time to reply. "How are you?" is followed by another question of real intention. Perhaps the next questions are meant to be the main purposes of doing business or for a favour.

A lot of businesses or selling are lost because the sincerity of the"How are you?" is not spoken right. Since it is the starter question for an approach, remember to spend some time to understand the effect of saying it. Say it with sweetness and be serious about your gesture. Allow your friend to hear your full intention. Do not go into another question, until your friend replies to "How are you?" It sound simple to apply but we tend to forget when we do it.

Interesting quote by Lao Tzu; "Do you have patience to wait till your mud settles and the water is clear? Can you remain unmoving till the right action arises by itself?"

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CaRoL said...

Good manner but wrong intention... It's really obvious that nowadays people don't care about it anymore and you are right about they are just saying it without meaning it. Sometimes everyone around us is chasing for something till they don't really have time for anything else. How are you? These three words are only say as a routine and it's always ignored and some don't even care to say it or to know how we really are. This world has changed so much that very few people would care about others and only care about themselves. Not being perfect I myself might have done the same thing without even realising it. Thanks to your article coz after reading it, I started to think and promise myself that from today onwards I would be more sensitiv e in how others feel. There's no time to take things for granted..... and for those out there, mean what you say coz you will never know how much your words mean to others... Cheers...