Thursday, June 21, 2007

Buy when you don't need it.

Would you buy a product when you don't need it? Certainly not! Logically we buy things only when we need them. Otherwise it sounds silly to buy something when you don't need it.

However, there is one thing in this world, which you have to buy when you don't need it coz when you really need it, you can't buy. That miracle product is no other than "Life Insurance." These two words are most fearful to most people. If possible, people would just like to skip these words or just try to avoid it. They may hate to listen them but it is the only product that can offer them the peace of mind. If only they are prepared to hear and listen with an opened mind and heart.

It was only yesterday, when one of my client who contacted me to inform that one of her brother is sick and needed medical attention. The doctor had confirmed that he is having severe heart disease and might need to go for a surgical correction. The total medical fees could exceed RM50,000. His employer has taken a minimum medical insurance with only a limit of RM4000 only. The brother was always against insurance and never bother to check and verify from the company of his staff medical benefits. Unless they can deposit the RM50,000 with the hospital, the doctors are not prepared to proceed with the correction needed. The sister was calling me to see whether I can help to provide the medical insurance for the brother now.

I told her, "You buy life insurance when you don't need it. Sorry! When you need it now, you can't buy." She knew too but she thought miracle can happen sometimes. So, the next time when you happen to be approached by a life insurance agent, don't reject him or her totally. They may offer you the peace of mind for a product which you don't need it immediately.

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