Friday, June 22, 2007

To give without the pain

As I was having my morning breakfast in a coffee shop, there was a poorly dressed man begging and selling his tissue papers to customers around. He was limping because he had only one leg. Our of sympathy, some bought his tissue. I could observe the different of characters with the givers and non-givers in this situation. Those who did not bother to look at this poor man, could have an unsympathetic heart. Those who gave were either kind or pretended to be kind.

What matter most would be if you could give whole heartily without feeling the pain in you heart. The amount you give isn't important but the thought of helping and giving is the gesture of kindness in your heart. If you could give with such thought, your mind would definitely feel the joy of your heart. True happiness is created through this way; "The giving and sharing of life." So! The next time if you give and you still have the slight pain in your heart, sorry to say, you don't have the kind heart yet.

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