Friday, June 01, 2007

Killer's smile that sells.

Twenty five years ago when I first started selling life insurance, there were hardly a few lady agents around in our company. Today, the female agents are more than the male agents and they performed better than male. They are self starter, have determination, work harder, patience, gentle, attractive and above all, they have the killer's smile.

Lady is different from man. They always love to look pretty and beautiful in every way. They spend time and effort on clothing and cosmetics to be attractive. The asset for the lady is their look and beauty. They spend time to beautify themselves. They carry at all time with them their lipsticks and mirror. They would never be bore to see themselves in front of any mirror. They love to look at themselves through mirrors and they know how to smile the proper way. To another female, their smiles are sweet and friendly but when they smile to man, their smiles can be seductive and irresistible.

Man is different when they hardly spend time to look better like female. The only time they look at themselves is the early morning when they wash their faces. Most don't even have the courage to smile at themselves in front of the mirror. If you don't believe me, the next time when you happen to be visiting any public toilets, please observe those men who wash their hands. Instead of seeing themselves on the mirror, they would be looking at the hands. Not many men would be smiling or trying to beautifying themselves in front of those mirrors. May be they don't like their faces or not happy with themselves! The fact is, if you are not proud with what you are, how could you be able to stand tall to meet another person.

I always encourage all my male friends to smile more. The first thing is to like and love yourself first. See more of yourself in front of the mirror whenever you have the opportunity. Although man doesn't carry a small mirror like the lady, we can still have a lot of our reflection seen as we pass through our working days.

Smile has many types. A smile can be a friendly or unfriendly one. A smile can be cunning or kind. Certain smile can be a yes or a no, depending how you show your gesture and expression. Some smiles can be spoken as "I like you!" or a special smile to depict, "I love you and I need you!" Each of us smile differently and we have to understand our own best. You have to know which angle and direction of a smile that suit you well. Can it be the right or the left that brings out the killer's smile? Only you, yourself would know what should be your best smile, if you are not afraid and shy to practise smiling from now onwards. Don't just let the women smile to seduce us but we could equally smile better than them.

Conclusion; "A smile is an inexpensive way to improve your looks and selling."

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