Monday, June 04, 2007

Too much knowledge create egoism

I had a chance to speak to a renown lady Yoga Principle of the third generation one afternoon. We were discussing society problems, when most people find difficulties in solving their daily life. Outwardly we behave and look good but inwardly it is always difficult to over come our own personal problems. We can be guiding and advising others but when we face great obstacles in life, we may not even be able to assist ourselves. The truth is, our egos overrule our mind. Perhaps it was the way we were brought up, make us to behave with high self-esteem in ourselves all the time.

This lady mentioned two ways of bringing up children, the traditional and the modern method. The traditional is hardly seen, unless you look afar from the primitive world. In those places, young children would be sent to the monasteries where they are taught and guided by masters of knowledge and wisdom. They learn scriptures, marshal art, archery and practise meditation at their tender age. They sleep, eat, play and share a simple monastery lives with all their fellow students. They are taught the meaning and existence of life. They are shown the spirit of sharing and giving. They understand the suffering and hardship which can make them a stronger person in later year. They accept simplicity as contentment which can lead them to a happier life. Only when they have completed the basic studies from these monasteries, would they be allowed to return home. In their own home, they live in a family of three generations, where the children can see their parents respecting and taking care of their aging grand parents. From this traditional up bringing, they understand true love and kindness from the heart. They respect the elders, are prepared to share, unselfish manner, tough in mental and physical, humble in character, positive attitude and easily contented in life.

Most of us here are brought up by the modern way of education. We were sent to the nurseries or the kinder garden centres at tender age, where we were taught how to keep your own belongings. We were not shown how to share but rather how to protect your own self. We learn in the comfort of the air-con and the pampering and unnatural affection of our young teachers who are obligated by remuneration. Life stories are spoken with fairy tales that create fantasies and dreams. We see colour and glamour of each of the fellow students. The rich would come in chauffeur driven expensive cars with branded clothing and bags. We learn to compare and to discriminate by our action. Most of us are staying with our parents or those who are unlucky would have a single parent to be with. Once in awhile, we would pay visit to our neglected grand parents, who are not respected and loved upon. The end result of our up bringing make us to be cunning, comparing, selfish, unfriendly, unnatural in character, unreliable, wrong attitude, greedy and boastful. The worst in ourselves is the 'ego' that we can't let go.

After listening from this great lady friend, I began to realise that all of us are actually trapped in our self make artificial world. I thought I know but regret to say I really do not know. I have to seek for further enlightenment as how to decrease and to detach my egoism. So that I can perfect myself as to be a better person in every way. The more knowledgeable we are, the greater our self-esteem would be. Unless we know how to control our pride within us.

It is easy to read and write but isn't easy to read, write and practise what are written, "Without simplicity, one cannot gain the true affection of others."


Jenny Lee said...

Darling Robert!

Where are you now?
I miss you and your blog so much!

When are you coming back???

Deen said...

Good article and very true..
I have some colleagues who are very brilliant.. However, as they know they are smarter, they have this 'ego syndrom' too..
They will brag if they can solve a problem but if they fail, they put the blame on someone else...
To them, they cannot make mistakes..

The best of peoples are those who are brilliant but humble, willing to explain and share with those who wants to learn..
those who are rich and willing to help the poor..
those who are in power and willing to help the needy..

All praise to God.

Graham Bedwell said...

Hi, as they say"Life is what you make of it".It's about learning new things and understanding.Graham