Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mind & heart always play trick.

Most of the time our action and words spoken through our mind do not coincide with our heart. Our expression or verbal could be pleasant from the outside but our inner feeling from our heart could be unpleasant. On a long term behaving this way, we might develop a habit of insincerity.

Perhaps an incident could well explain the meaning. Miss Chong was a simple and carefree lady. She had a cunning rich cousin who always like to take advantage of her whenever they met. On all these abusive occasions, she would not retaliate her cousin but she would just keep silent and put on a smile towards her. Miss Chong later asked me, "Have I done the right thing?" I said, "Not bad! At least you had not quarrelled with her. But, while you were smiling, was your heart feeling pleasant or frustrating?" She was caught for a moment, "Oooh! To be frank, I was disturbed." I continued, "So! your smile was not a genuine one and I believe your cousin could also feel them too."

Another good example. Francis was providing physical and financial assistance to Stella. He was helping her out of true affection. His action was sincere and kind. Stella had no interest over Francis but the receiving of a long term assistance made her feel obligated to him. On seeing him, she had to smile and pretend to be loving but her heart was upset and torturous. In silent she was suffocating herself slowly until depression occurred.

One more example. Steph was an efficient secretary before joining a sales career. She took up selling because she thought it could bring in lucrative income and incentives. She wasn't well informed that selling had high level of rejection. In order to survive in her competitive career, she had to put in a big smile to all she met. After working for a few years, when more rejection came, her smiles were bitter in heart. She didn't realise that her expression was unnatural for she was forcing herself to display her successful image to others. Her heart and mind were acting and behaving differently. Without her realising, her insincerity were shown. Not forgetting a long term selling requires a much sincere and kind hearted person.

Our mind and heart may play trick with us at time but for a person who has a true and sincere heart, most likely his mind would be equally true and sincere too. Always remember, "Kindness is the language, the blind can see and the deaf can hear."

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