Thursday, June 28, 2007

Are men seeing women as a sex object?

One of my girl friend said, "All men are the same! Whenever they look at a woman, they would take us as a sex object." I didn't catch her meaning, "My dear, what do you mean by that statement?" She explained, "The way you look at me, you think of sex. That would be your first objective."

Perhaps that would be true, but women cannot just blame man as they are the one who create that temptation themselves. Look around the world of the female fashion today. Most ladies dress very attractively. From top to bottom they look gorgeous when all eyes are at them. Those that wear shirts would leave one or two top buttons unbuttoned. We can almost see the valley of their bosoms with that opening gap. Their clothing are relatively soft and light which are almost transparent. We can see the colour of their bras or not wearing them. Their jeans are unbelievable! They are tight and almost like falling down. One pull and I am sure their jeans would fall out. If you see them at the front, you can imagine where their pussies would be. Or perhaps they wear skirts which are so short that you can see the colour of their panties.

If you ask them, "My dear, why are you wearing like these?" She would replied," Alah! These are fashion that all women love to dress. We have to keep up to date. I am already an auntie but I still need to dress young lah."

So! They have forgotten that this world has male and female. Between women and women, they dress to compete and to admire each another. However, between women and men, we see each other differently. Men would admire their beauty but because of their over dressing, without them realising, temptation bound to be created to a certain extent. Unless we live in the spiritual world where there is little colour in living, then temptation would be totally well taken out.

For that girl friend of mine who said that I only look at her as a sex object, I would like to remind her. That there are three types of men who would look at women in different ways. The first type would be men who are not interested in female because they are not healthy or sick. How beautiful a lady you are, the least he would be interested in you. The second type would be those that you think they are not interested in women but in actual fact they like so much. Except that they don't have the courage to see and approach ladies. Instead of directly looking and admiring female sexiness, they quietly stare when you don't notice them. The third would be those like me who has the confident to see you directly. To admire and appreciate the beauty of women. Of course, the sexual thought would be there at the same times which is beyond our control.

My dear,"Would you like to be admired with your beauty or you prefer that all men are least interested to look at you. Not forgetting you have spend so much time and effort to look so seductive and attractive."

Conclusion; Women love to be admired but they can't stop men to admire them our way. They like and yet they say they don't like. Again the heart and mind are playing tricks on them.

"Its impossible not to see and yet pretend that didn't see."

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Anonymous said...

You are right Robert. Women like to be seen. They pretend to be angry but right down their heart, they love to be admired. I am glad you are brave enough to be truthful.

A woman...