Monday, June 25, 2007

In love we look better.

My experience through selling, tells me that love grows with energy. Whether a male or a female, with or without love in them, you could see the different. Without love, both sexes would look dull on their faces but with love, they are the most beautiful creatures on earth.

When a man is in love, he carries more enthusiasm and energy. His eyes sparkle with joy and attention. His mind is alert and creative, willing to go for the extra miles. Given any responsibilities or work, he would be too keen to accomplish them. His life is meaningful and has purposes. Whereas a man who has no love or lost his love, life would be dull and sorrowful. His esteem and energy are low when nothing could motivate and excite him. He has no direction or dream. Success of life would be difficult for him to challenge.

Similarly when a woman is in love, she looks more attractive and sweeter. Her eyes reflex the desire and romance. Her thoughts or moods are obliging and warm. Even her bosoms are full and firmer in look. Her personality draws attention. However a woman has no love or not interested to be in love, her face sags with dullness. She can put all the cosmetics to beautify herself, yet her attractiveness would still be artificial and unromantic. Perhaps she would turn arrogant, selfish and hot temper unnecessary. Woman is like a car! If a car is properly taken care with love, its engine performs efficiently and its outlook shines with envy.

This is again the Miracle of Love. Love added with affection and sex, enhance the relationship of man and woman. I believe God created this beautiful purpose of love for us to live happily ever after. So! If you want to live wonderfully in life, seek your own love and fall in love.

One secret admirer sent me these few words which could be true and I like to share, "Sex, hugging, touching, holding, rubbing, kissing are good. They stimulate the body to produce its natural hormones which are needed for good health and longevity." Believe or not, you have to try!

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