Monday, June 04, 2007

Silent Retrieve.

I thought I know but now I know I actually do not know. Is always easy to teach and advise others but is never easy to help our own self when one hasn't somebody to fall on. Recently many things had been disturbing my thought and feeling. They are the unwritten and unspoken words from the people I work closely with. I could have applied the "Forgive & Forget", words of wisdom to release my thought and feeling. Unfortunately when I applied on myself, it doesn't seem to work whole heartily. Forgiving is easier but to forget when memories remain causes emotional pain. As I search deeper into my mind, I realised that egoism is the evil factor that control our self-esteem. Words are easily spoken but applying in practical is difficult.

I strongly believe these few words have meaning, "Without simplicity, one cannot gain the TRUE affection of others." I read and write them now, but I have to understand the exact meaning of simplicity to apply appropriately. In order to seek the meaning of simplicity, I am going for a SILENT RETRIEVE for 10 to 14 days when I would be away from home alone. During these period of time, I intend to do away those comfort of life as I used to, and live as simple as I can. Perhaps a monastery would be an ideal place for me to search for the meaning of simplicity of life in the true sense. Plus no interaction and communication with the outside world. Hopefully with full concentration on meditation, I would be able to search my inner self and be able to release and to detach egoism.

During this silent retrieve of two weeks, I would not be blogging for the moment. Until then I wish all my readers happy reading.

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