Saturday, June 30, 2007

Bad for good in life

"Beautiful young people are accidents of nature...
Beautiful old people are art of life."

These few words were collected many years ago, when I could not understand them better than today. When we were young, we make mistakes without realising them. We disturbed others with intention or at times without intention. We were rebellious and our parents were so worried over us. We fought at the slightest anger. We caused hatreds more than joyfulness. These were the bad part of life when we were young.

In everything, we have the negative and the positive part of life. We have to be sick, in order to appreciate good health. We have to be poor to understand the suffering of living. So when we are rich, we would be kind to the poor. We need to be sad at times and wish we could be happier soon. If is too hot the season, we would be complaining but when the rain comes, we smile the wetness of the surrounding.

Its normal to experience the naughtiness of younger days, but when we are much older, we turn to be wiser. That would be the time, we understand the bad and good of life. Good alone isn't good coz when bad occurred, we would not know how to overcome the ugly part of living. Bad by itself is definitely bad. Unless we grow to change and improve ourselves in life. Those few words on top are written with true meaning of our world between the beautifulness of young and old.

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