Saturday, June 02, 2007

Man & woman need money differently.

Money is important to man and woman. The different is, when man has money, he thinks of woman first but when woman has money, she thinks of herself more.

Most of the time, when a man has done well in business or work, his first thought would be his love or family. Spending money on his lover or wife would be a joy for him. Of course is natural he would be spending on himself next.

On the hand, when a woman earns well in her career or strike a jackpot, her first thought would be to spend and satisfy herself. There is a saying, "Diamond is women best friend." They feel proud to buy those expensive gifts for themselves with their earning. Only later they would think of their family.

Women always want to claim equal right with men, but I wander whether they could treat men equally in the first place. In a family, if both husband and wife work to support the family, these could happen normally. What the husband earns, he has to share accordingly. What the wife earns, she keeps to herself. What belongs to him, the wife also has a share but sad to know, what belongs to her, he has no say. These are true facts of life which are unwritten and unspoken.

So gentlemen, if you want your lovers or wives to be happy and ever loving you, then work harder and earn more to give it to them willingly. Cause the buying and spending your money would make women happy and in turn they would love you again. This is the faith and destiny of manhood.

"What are the three words a man can say to a woman to make her happy? "I was wrong!" Spoken by Lana Banana.

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