Thursday, August 16, 2007

Are your words sweet as ever?

Compliments, sweet words and well wishes are always a good starter for the morning. To say somethings nice to someone early of the day, will definitely helps.

I had a new driver who just started work with me. Although he is in the mid 50, physically he is strong in body and mind. One morning, out of manner my maid addressed him as "Pak Cik", which in English is as uncle, when without our knowing, he was very disturbed with that name. The "Pak Cik" sounded to him as very old like person. The whole day he wasn't not to himself and his work wasn't satisfactory to me. Later with some persuasion, he reluctantly told me how he felt about that lousy name. He could not accept to be called as "Pak Cik", especially from a younger woman. From that time onwards, I kindly requested my maid and my family to call him as "Abang" instead, another meaning as brother. Eventually there was no further occurrence, he was happy and excited with this addressing. Because uncle is older and brother is much younger.

Moral of this story; sweet words can be enlightening but wrong words can be disasterous.

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