Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Do u need the sales more than your clients?

Zig Ziglar said, "You can get everything you want, if you would just help enough people get what they want." It was well written, read, heard and listened but most of us still failed to follow these powerful words.

Many sale people had attended seminars and training related to inspiration and motivation to encourage them to work with determination. In fact, they certainly had but instead they have changed the above statement to, "You can get everything you want, if you would just help enough people can what 'YOU' want." Please read properly the definition again. It is YOU and not THEY. The you and they is a vast different.

I observed better from my life insurance industry to relate my experiences. Most rookie agents who came to this selling career, were highly motivated by money and glamour. They were told that they can get everything they want, like income, incentives, holidays, bonuses, recognition and extra benefits, if they could just bring in more sales. Each time a sale was brought back, a pat and congratulation was given to energize another sale again. How ethical and honest were the sales were unknown. What matter most were the sales again. Many were carried away at the beginning by forcing friends and relatives to purchase their products. Those were the easy and high stakes premium from people they knew. Without them realising, the truth would prevail when they have to depend on themselves later.

Selling life insurance isn't just the product of insurance plans. It is how much you understand life and death. The needs of the young, the dreams of the adult and the planning towards death later. If only rookie agents were not just motivated by money but rather being preached with life insurance as a religion, they would have understood the value of this miracle product. Instead of selling they should have listened and understood the people they met. Providing assistances, offering solutions, giving encouragement and selling benefits to the people.

The bottom line remains as, "You can get everything you want, if you would just help enough people get what THEY want." Believe these words in your doing and we won't be wrong for the future. I have had been doing these for the past 40 years and I won't reget doing it again for the next many years to come.

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