Monday, August 13, 2007

You can be younger with a stronger mind.

A new club member was working along with me in the gym. We became friendly and I was curious of his age, "how young are you?" He replied, "Can you guess?" Staring at him from top to bottom, I responded, "You should be at 45 now." He was amazed and surprised, my guess was so accurate.

Due to my working experiences, I used to assess my prospects age for insurance purposes. Most of the time, I look at their faces where the eyes and chins are the indicator of age. However the facial can sometimes look different but the neck and the outer part of the hands can never fail to deter the right age. Follow by the person's way of talking would also reflex his maturity of life. It takes time to master this skill of assessing age.

During our conversation, the new member asked my age as well. I smiled and said, "Would you try to guess mine." He replied, "I think you are also 45 like me." I laughed, "Ha! Ha! Ha! Thank you for that compliment, I will be turning 60 soon." He was shocked, "Unbelievable! Really? Not joking? I must get to know you more."

I could guess right of most people age but very seldom others would guess mine correctly. My biological age can be older but I used my brain to cheat my age to be younger. If one were to think old, he would be old. I might have the wisdom of an older person but I have never forgotten how I was young. My thinking is deep with understanding of life but I still keep my physical with muscle and strength. When I talk to an older person, I speak like his mind of wisdom. Whereas, when I chatted with this man of 45, I spoke with him at his level of thought and thinking. My personality, physical and communication skill had misled his guess on my age.

Moral of the story; if you want others to guess your age younger, tell your mind not to be old.

Interesting words spoken by Abraham Lincoln, "And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years."

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