Monday, August 06, 2007

Young and older have different roles to play to be successful

As I looked back my 40 years of working life, I could see and understand the different of my past and present. Perhaps some of my following words and sharing can be useful.

When I was very much younger, I have to admit that I certainly could not think like today. My knowledge was still relatively weak and shallow. My strongest point of me then, I was willing to work, responsible and full of enthusiasm and personal drive. I worked without complaint but rather offered faithfulness, honesty and sincerity in all my doing. Out of my integrity and hard work, many people soon gave me a chance to deal business with them.

Gradually when I turned mid way into my career, my knowledge had expanded which reflected my professionalism. My ethic and principle in life and work, established my solid trust and respect from my clients. My work was easier without much persuasion and I began to love my career even more. I prospected less when clients kept recommending friends to me. In fact, they were not just clients but more of good friends and associates whom we had developed.

Today, I have found a new hobby. My hobby is talking and my career as a life insurance agent, allows me to have a license to speak to any one I like. I have refined my years of knowledge with wisdom. My clients don't like to listen on insurance but they prefer to learn the art of living. My present work no longer is a chore but rather is a joy to be working. In order to stay at peak, I maintain to be healthy and cheerful. Thanks to the Almighty Universe! My biological age could be much older but my real felt heart age last year was 38 and turning 37 this year. I believe if I keep focusing my mental thought of feeling younger, I should be still young when I reach 70 and over. The logic is, if you are old with a knowledgeable and wisdom mind, and have a youthful body and health, your words carry weight wherever you go. An older person could be weak and ill in health but if he is strong and cheerful, you rest assure he has a lot to offer in life. You consider him to be a diamond then!

Paul from The Netherlands said, "Happiness is the ultimate realization that everything was, and is, exactly as it should be."

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