Wednesday, August 15, 2007

How serious are you with love?

Women like to be loved upon by men. Some would take it seriously and some could play it like a game. I have two stories to relate, gathered during the interaction in lives.

Jenny had a blow in her early lives when her first husband was drowned while swimming in Port Dickson. He was a responsible and a caring man. For the first year after his death, Jenny wasn't happy and life was meaningless to her. Out of lonesome, she met another gentleman who married out later. He was equally a loving man like the late husband. It was almost like God sent to replace the earlier marriage. They are currently married for almost 15 years with two lovely daughters. I spoke to Jenny a few days back. She told me, it took her more than 10 years before she could totally forget her late husband. Till today, she did not relate this dying love to her present husband. Her reasoning was, "I love the man so much. I just can't forget the sweet memories we had. Even it was a short period of two good years with him."

Annie was another lucky lady who had a very caring and understanding man who loved her dearly. His love for her was so thick that he could almost do anything for her. Even prepared to die for the sake for her to live. However Annie took her career as important and she felt the relationship was a burden for her progress. She wanted independence more than love. One fine day, she told him that she wants to break this relationship and requested him just to take her as a normal friend. It was a terrible slap to the man who did no wrong. By loving her too much caused the breakup. She could instantly forget all the sweet loving memories and preferred to remain single. A cruel lady ended with a broken hearted man.

Life is uncertain! When you have it, you hate to have it, but when you don't have it, you cry for it. Perhaps these are the ways of life to make the world goes round. Not all can be happy and neither all can be sad.

A touching poem I will never forget,"If you are ever going to love; love me now. While I can know the sweet and tender feelings from which true affection flows. Love me now, while I am living. To have those sweet words chiseled in marble on ice-cold stone. If you have tender thoughts of me, please let me know now. Not when I am not there."

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