Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ladies..please give us another chance!

Women do not need man could be true. Especially those who are doing well in their careers. During my course of work, I have gathered many friends, male and female. Thirty years ago, I could have encountered one or two ladies who had no intention to get marry but worked independently by themselves. Today, it's shocking to know I have countless single ladies who love to be independent without settling down with a family. Those could have married before but successful in their careers later, also prefer to remain single by requesting divorce from their husbands.

It is frightening but is true. I had many chances to ask these independent career ladies why they prefer to stay single. All of them said alike, "Why should we need husband, when we could earn well and be successful ourselves." Really can't blame them because man is less aggressive and not prepared to work harder than woman. Also man is unfaithful most of the time that create the distrust on woman against man. Gentlemen, are we that bad?

I always believe, "The most lovely place in the world is the heart, when love is absent." To those ladies who are still single, can you give man another chance again?

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