Saturday, August 18, 2007

Women's smile is sweeter than men

Not many know how to smile right. There are the friendly smile or the killer's smile. I believe women smile sweeter than men coz they smile more often than males. Most women like to look at their faces whenever they have the opportunities. Before they leave the houses, they spend a bit of time to touch up their faces. While doing so, they smile with their beautiful facial. Not man, who just wash and comb their hair, and not bother so much to admire their look. Do you know, all working ladies carry small cosmetic mirrors in their handbags? Beside the toiletry visits, where they smile while washing their hands, they also smile with these cosmetic mirrors whenever they can. I guess most ladies look, admire and smile in front of mirrors more than 20 times a day. Whereas men are afraid to smile in front of themselves against mirror. If you don't believe gentlemen, how often when we go to the public washrooms, we dare to smile while washing our hands. Most likely they just wash their hands, have a quick stare at their own faces without a smile and walk away. Perhaps they are afraid or dislike their own faces, but not women because they do admire themselves with a proud smile, each time they see their own faces.

Smiling makes us happier and smiling allows us to meet more people. If you don't like or afraid to smile, it is high time to learn to smile now. Stand in front of your home mirror, smile until you know what smile is best for yourself. Man to man smile is different from man to woman. A friendly smile is different from a business smile. A naughty smile is different from a cheeky smile. A day smile is different from a night smile. Unless you have practised sufficiently on smiling, you would not know what smile is your killer's smile. If one is not happy to smile, most likely that person is an unhappy person. The best smile is the smile that smiles from the heart. The heart felt smile will make you healthier, lovelier and most acceptable by everyone. So smile as much as possible, don't be shy to even smile within yourself. I sincerely hope my words tickle your heart and mind to smile now...this very minute of time.

Quote of the day, "The beauty of our faces depend on the sweet smile we carry."

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Anonymous said...

I really like ur posts!! SO so SO interesting=D