Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sleeping position tells how romantic you are!

Last night while I was sleeping alone and staring at the ceiling on top, re-caped my past romance. When any young couples who sleep together, they seldom has a chance to stare at the ceiling. Rather, they would be eyeing and embracing each other. This is a position of impact love which is unmovable because love and lust are strong with desire. Given some time depending on the couple's age, the impact lover's position could be moved to the the ceiling direction. Perhaps lust and desire have fallen. Contentment leads to their balance position when they look straight and forward. They have developed trust and understand by staring at ceiling and holding hands on bed. However when things go wrong, like any misunderstanding or quarrels, the ceiling's stare will be turned to the opposite of their walls. No embracing for sure, no holding hands, non physical touching and without eye to eye contact any more. Looking straight to the walls with their backs facing each other depicts confrontation. It isn't a good position and if prolong for too long a period, couple may request for a separation.

Life is funny! Even the way we sleep with our mates can reflex our love for each other. So! Are you at impact's position, ceiling's stare or wall's confrontation? The choices are yours!Nonetheless, I rather pick the impact's position if given the choices again.

Aristotle said, "Happiness is a sort of action." The action in the way we live and treat our loves.


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