Thursday, August 30, 2007

Do u know when to use hihi and haha?

Life has many splendors. It comes with our hihi, hehe, haha or hoho! We laugh within us or we let others to laugh. We laugh in physical face2face or in written words to express our inner feeling. The verbal laugh could be natural from our heart and mind. Not the written laugh because most of us wrote without really understood them. I used to receive emails or online chatting or the often text messages, written with laugh expression which I believe did not depict the real purposes. With a little practise by sounding those actual words, I could differentiate their meaning and effect.

To me, hihi or hehe are similar in nature. Written by man or woman to woman is alright but woman to man sounds inappropriate. Each time a lady who wrote such expression to me, I felt a bit of unfeminine feeling towards her. I think hihi or hehe denotes cunningness, crafty, tricky or suspicious in character.

Haha sounds better. If you doubt me, please try to throw out haha yourself and you will feel the joyfulness in you. Those who received the haha, know that the senders are meant to be happy in mood. Hoho is different. The senders are not laughing but he laughs against his receivers.

Out of these normal expression, I like to receive the "Huuuummm!", especially sent by ladies to me. It sounds very feminine and gentle in mood. More so if it is sent out in the night cause it reflexes the loving and romantic thought of love making.

I also like to receive the next best expression from ladies, "Muuuuurscch!" It has a sensational feeling of acceptance. It might not be a true and real kiss but the heart heals in every way.

The best and the killer will always be worded with the full contents. Write and send them over as "I Love You." These few words will definitely overrule the hihi or haha. These are also the facts of life in our telecommunication world.

Quote to be remembered, "The fragrance always remains on the hand that gives the rose." Spoken by Mahatma Gandhi

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