Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Dreams have to be changed.

Is good to create dream. Dream excites our life and desire. However it isn't necessary all dreams could be practical. When I was in the thirty, I wanted to have a big house with a beautiful garden plus a swimming pool. I went as far as to purchase an acre of resort home. I had a fantastic house plan drawn and approved. By my fate, before I could materialise my dream house, a close politician friend insisted that I should sell the whole package to him. The price offered was too tempting for me to resist. Today, he is the proud owner of this huge villa.

Alternatively I down-sized my dream to buy a semi detached home instead. Using the balance of profit, I sent all my children to further their studies abroad. Although my current home is only a semi d but it has a plot of garden with five big rooms. The dinning and the living rooms are equally spacious. The first ten years of my stay here was pleasant and warm. All my three children were staying with me. Our cars were parked all over the surrounding, especially during the weekend when my children friends would be around. The dinner when every one came home, the laughter and chatting were heard aloud. We had to control the music and the tv sound.

As time passed, two of my sons got married and moved out to their own homes. Today they had even half migrated, one to China and the other had left for Singapore. My last son seldom comes home because he enjoys staying over with his buddies outside. My wife loves to spend time with his children, would be hopping all over the places. Finally, I am left with this house with only the maid to accompany me. Sometimes I wonder, why I should have such a big house when nobody is around. In fact, I am toying with the idea I should be staying in an apartment rather on a landed home.

Conclusion: too big a dream might be a burden later.

This famous happiness quote by Bette Davis is right, "You will never be happier than you expect. To change your happiness, change your expectation."

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danielle said...

that sounds lonely, no wonder u like talking. do u like pets? maybe u should get yourself one. it's a great company(when u get tired of human, that is)