Saturday, August 04, 2007

Touching can be sensational too.

Voice is important but we should not forget touches. Although most animals cannot be so flexible in physical movement than human being, they still have close contact with each other. The dogs and cats lick between their male and female. Whenever the male cat is licked against over his neck by his mate, we could see the soothing expression on his face. He looks calm and contented.

Again when we were at courting stage, we love to be holding hands, hugging, kissing, patting and fondling. However as time passed, we took for granted and we tend to touch lesser than before or even totally forgotten the need of touching between man and woman. In fact, I strongly believe man needs more of female touches which can create and stimulate exciting feeling. The excitement turns into another form of energy which leads to calmness and contentment of mind over body.

For those men who lack female touches and voices, they are prepared to pay for a price from women who work professionally to serve them. Those social female escorts who work at the karaoke centres or nightclubs are professional touch and voice givers to their male customers. Each time when they meet customers who patronise their places, they are willing to call the unknown strangers as "Honeey! or Darlinnng!" in a very sensational tune. A little longer, they can offer intimate patting, hugging and kissing. Although these are unnatural romances but the hungry males are still quite happy towards these artificial touches and sounding.

As all human being need the sense of touch and voice to enhance our positive feeling and thoughts, we should try to be more romantic and loving to our mates or lovers. Don't just call by his or her name. Rather call him or her as my dear, darling or honey. Don't take each other for granted, hold hands as often as possible, rub her and squeeze him, pat whenever you can, hug tightly, fondle until others envy you both and kiss without the shyness. If you could do it, miracle would happen, cause this is the magic of 'voice and touch' created as part of life. You have done it before and you can do it again.

Meaningful quote; "Let's define happiness as a feeling of contentment created when all of one's physical, emotional, psychological, intellectual and spiritual needs have been gratified." Try touching and the voice.

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