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When is the right age to have sex?

Over a gathering this topic was discussed; "When is the right age to have sex?" Mmmmm!!!! Sounds interesting but could be shy to the many. Years back the word SEX was a hidden word. It could be uttered only strictly within the four walls. Today, a little child knows how to spell it correctly. Today, we see teenagers as young as twelve or slightly older, could be holding hands and hugging each other. Whether their intimacy is merely fun or not is debatable. Some of them threw challenges on sex as a game and contest. Not only the boys are brave but the girls are obliging too. Is scary but is true.

Sex is important for sure. Physically and mentally the need is there. The question is, when is the right age to have sex then. I believe the ladies and gentlemen both want the answer. Is a difficult question because physically, one might want to have sex but when the mind isn't ready, sex could be dangerous to be involved. Morally and spiritually there are rules and restriction. However are they effective is subjective again. Shall we have sex only when we get marry? Looks decent and practical but what happen when one is unable to get marry for some reasons. Some said, why wait, do it when you are still young. The next question, how young is young to have sex!!

I really have no definite and exact answer. The nearest I could recommend is... have sex only when your mind knows what is sex. The understanding and purpose of sex, the result for having sex, the pleasure you gain out of sex and the consequences through sex. If you do not have these basic knowledge on sex but rather is just physical sex needs, I am sorry to say... you are at the wrong sex age. Perhaps there are readers who can offer some comments here.

Do you know - "Sex is the most fun you can have without laughing." - Woody Allen


Anonymous said...

Malaysian youth are involved in sexual activities before the age of 20.

A national study in 2004 involving 18,805 people (10,718 females and 8,087 males) revealed that the median age they had sex for the first time was 23.

The majority of the study group was Malay (56.4 per cent) followed by Chinese (20.6 per cent) and Indian (11.2 per cent). Out of the 18,805, the majority (72.8 per cent) was married.

<A HREF=",81,238,556,999,1211,1779,1780,1784,2000,2061,2113,2114,2355,2410,2439&Targets=2065&Values=25,31,51,60,83,91,100,110,152,196,266,268,950,963,1978,2253,2475,2839,2865,2877,3026,4074,4103,4118,4119,4120,4335,4337,4342,5633,5640,5663&RawValues=&Redirect=" target="_blank"><IMG SRC="" WIDTH=300 HEIGHT=250 BORDER=0></A>
Male respondents confessed to experiencing sex at the minimum age of 10 and median age of 22 and females at 12 and 24 respectively.

The overall median age of marriage was 23 - Chinese (25 years), Indians (23 years), Malays (22 years), Sabah Bumiputera (21 years) and Sarawak (20 years).

Professor Dr Lekhraj Rampal of the Department of Community Health, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Universiti Putra Malaysia said: "What is of concern is the fact that among the 13,971 respondents who had experienced sex, 38.2 per cent said they had sex before the age of 20."

The age factor, he said, clearly indicated that those who had sex early were college students and young workers.

"Malaysians are now becoming very open when it comes to talking about sex. The unmarried and married talk about sex and it's time sex education be given emphasis and the public made aware of healthy sexual behaviour, including using condoms to protect against unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases."

He said as much as religion and culture encouraged sex after marriage, it could not be denied that younger people engaged in sexual activity.

Sexual behaviour, he added, was any action that allowed the expression of one's feelings, including holding hands and kissing as well as masturbation and penetrative intercourse (per vagina or anal).

He said healthy sexual behaviours were consensual, non-exploitive and honest, and included actions that protected against unintended pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Presenting a paper on "Sexual Practice in Malaysia" at the two-day conference on Sexuality in Medicine, organised by Universiti Putra Malaysia and the Malaysian Healthy Aging Society at UPM, Dr Rampal warned young Malaysians to be cautious when indulging in sex with unknown partners.

"The person, be it man or woman, may look healthy and sexy but you do not know whether he is a HIV victim or suffering from venereal disease or sexually transmitted diseases (STD). Get a blood test done to ascertain if he/she is free from STD or use a condom."

Dr Rampal gave this warning because in a survey done to find out how much people knew about HIV and its transmission, the majority of the respondents could not give the right answers to many of the questions.

Dr Rampal also stressed that there was a need to educate the young not to fall victim to non-consensual sexual experiences.

"It covers a continuum of behaviours ranging from unwanted verbal advances and unwanted touch to assault and forced sex as well as sex in exchange for money, gifts, food or protection," he added.

As for married couples, Dr Rampal said it was important for them to understand how the body works.

Anonymous said...

It is legal in England and Wales for young men and women to have sex once they are both 16. This applies to sexual relationships between young men and women and between young people of the same sex.

In Scotland and Jersey it is legal for young men and women to have sex once they are 16. In Northern Ireland the age is 17.

In Scotland it is legal for men to have sex with men if they are both 16. In Northern Ireland you have to be 17 and in Jersey the legal age is 18.

There are no specific laws in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Jersey about women having sex with women so provided both women consent and are above the usual age of consent, it is legal.

Prosecutions for having sex under these ages is rare as long as both people consented and there is no evidence of exploitation or a large age difference.

Young people also have the right to say no to sex or any other behaviour that makes them uncomfortable. Abuse can be emotional, physical or sexual. Abuse can also take the form of neglect. It can happen in different types of relationships and is to do with power. Abuse of any kind in any relationship is never the fault of the person being abused.

Anonymous said...

he age of consent in Canada is set federally, as are all criminal laws. The Tackling Violent Crime Act, which took effect on May 1, 2008, recently raised the general age of consent to sixteen. (It had been fourteen since 1892.) There is a two-year age-gap waiver for twelve and thirteen olds, and a four-year age-gap waiver for fourteen and fifteen-year-olds. Federal law sets the age for anal intercourse at eighteen, but two provinces, Ontario and Quebec, have declared this unconstitutional, citing bias against homosexual males.

Anonymous said...

There is no correct age at which you are “supposed” to have sex. Everyone has to make a very personal decision about what is right for them. How does one decide when the time is right to have sex for the first time? Asking yourself the following questions is a good start and might help you determine how you really feel without the pressure from friends or that “special person”:

1. Do you have any moral, religious or cultural convictions that might make deciding to have sex the wrong decision for you? Maybe you want to wait until you are married?

2. How do you feel about the relationship with your partner that you are in at the moment?

3. What do you think might happen as a result of having sex? Do you really understand the potential consequences? The physical and emotional consequences?

4. How do you think you will feel about your partner and more importantly, about yourself?

5. What do you know about STDs and birth control?

6. What are each of you willing to do to prevent these situations?

7. Right now -- how do you feel about your partner? Do you trust, respect and love him or her? Are those feelings mutual?

8. Do you feel pressured to have sex? Is there pressure from your partner, friends or any other reason?

9. Do you feel that you and your partner can make a decision right now and does it feel comfortable to you?

10. Can you talk openly to your partner about your decision?

Anonymous said...

She was 82. He was 95. They had dementia. They fell in love. And then they started having sex.

Bob's family was horrified at the idea that his relationship with Dorothy might have become sexual. At his age, they wouldn't have thought it possible. But when Bob's son walked in and saw his 95-year-old father in bed with his 82-year-old girlfriend last December, incredulity turned into full-blown panic. "I didn't know where this was going to end," said the manager of the assisted-living facility where Bob and Dorothy lived. "It was pretty volatile."

Because both Bob and Dorothy suffer from dementia, the son assumed that his father didn't fully understand what was going on. And his sputtering cell phone call reporting the scene he'd happened upon would have been funny, the manager said, if the consequences hadn't been so serious. "He was going, 'She had her mouth on my dad's penis! And it's not even clean!' " Bob's son became determined to keep the two apart and asked the facility's staff to ensure that they were never left alone together.

After that, Dorothy stopped eating. She lost 21 pounds, was treated for depression, and was hospitalized for dehydration. When Bob was finally moved out of the facility in January, she sat in the window for weeks waiting for him. She doesn't do that anymore, though: "Her Alzheimer's is protecting her at this point," says her doctor, who thinks the loss might have killed her if its memory hadn't faded so mercifully fast.

Anonymous said...

Most of the time I don't have much fun. The rest of the time I don't have any fun at all.

Anonymous said...

When people are fed and clothed, then they think about sex.

Anonymous said...

Sex is not the answer. Sex is the question. "Yes" is the answer.

Anonymous said...

Love is the answer, but while you are waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty good questions.

Sex without love is an empty experience, but as empty experiences go it's one of the best.

Sex between a man and a woman can be absolutely wonderful - provided you get between the right man and the right woman.

Anonymous said...

My Last Fling, Romancing A Sarong.
Romancing a sarong. My last take no prisoners romance escapade.
Circa 80's. Kuala Lumpur / Singapore.

I had by now achieved my ambitions of reaching for the stars where my career was concerned. I was now living life in the fast lane, wheeling and dealing multi-million dollar business deals in several Asian countries going first class in everything, from hotels to flying in our company's Corporate jet and an unlimited expense account and doing well financially. I was seldom home. Hotels were my home.

Quite often after a heavy night of entertaining at nite clubs, mornings getting a wake-up call from reception, I would ask, "what hotel is this"? Or, "Where am I"? The receptionists, most knew me would laugh knowing I had been drinking heavily previous night will reply, "Mr Lee, you in Singapore, Goodwood Hotel", or, "Penang Rasa Sayang Hotel".

At nights or weekends would see me either entertaining my business clients or wining and dining a current lady friend. I never kept girlfriends more than three months, as from experiences, girls tend to get emotional and their maternal instincts go on overtime.
I was now 30 years old and my mother giving not so subtle hints of wanting to have grandchildren.
My friends, most slightly younger than me were already married with kids, while I was still enjoying a life of moonlight and roses as a bachelor. They would all tease me when I was going to settle down with one woman, instead of now fooling around with several. I would laugh and answer, 'so many women, so little time. Why make one happy when can make many happy'?

There were a few ladies who, include their mothers had hopes I might get serious with one of them, but I had not found one that could tolerate or accept my kind of fast lane lifestyle, hardly home and away out of town almost every week as well the almost nightly entertaining clients at nite clubs and returning home when the cock crows 3 times.
All women want love, a home, babies and financial security. I only know how to make money and babies. The only home I know are hotel rooms. And love...? I love all women.

It was a Monday morning when my personal secretary cum office Admin manager Dixie handed me a fax message from my boss in Europe.

'Dear Lee, on behalf of the board of directors, we congratulate you on securing the project in Bangkok. Well done.

As requested by you, four of our engineers will be flying to Bangkok on Oscar Victor Niner and will pick you and Reuter up in KL. ETA KL Thursday 10am. Marlene has arranged accommodations at Bangkok Hilton.

Kindly execute the necessary with the Engineers. Hans and Oscar Victor will be at your disposal if needed. Kindly advise Hans your needs. Keep me advised if any further requests needed. And Lee, as you our man on the spot, the Engineers will need your approval re project expenses.
Very Truly, J.'

Our company's Corporate jet, 'Oscar Victor Niner' with the four European engineers landed half hour late as Reuter, my European resident engineer based in KL and I greeted them inviting them down to stretch their legs and have a late breakfast with me in the airport restaurant. As well to brief them on the project and what has been arranged for them, and handing out some facts sheets re the project.

I informed them they would be in Bangkok for three weeks, Reuter too and teasing the two who were married to behave themselves in Bangkok, winking at them. It was their first trip to the far East. Hans the pilot and Kurt the co-pilot joined us too.

It took me three days to arrange everything with the engineers, from touring the work site to meeting their Thai counterparts, arranging the machinery involved, as well arranging for a temporary office in the city, putting Reuter in charge of operations.

As my job was now over, I told Hans to fly me to Penang where I had to see a contractor regarding sending three of his experienced heavy machinery operators to Bangkok working on contract for us.

As Hans and Kurt had never been to Penang, we stayed overnight and I let then go sightseeing on their own, and that he can fly me to Singapore next morning after breakfast as I had another business appointment with a company in Jurong. He will then return to Europe.

That evening, feeling tired I told Hans and Kurt to try the various dishes at Gurney drive on their own, as well which nite club they may like to go for a drink, I stayed back to check my paperwork.

Around 7pm I took the elevator down to have my dinner at the hotel restaurant. As I stepped out of the elevator, a stunningly beautiful, exotic looking lady came out from other elevator. I paused bending down pretending to check my shoe laces even though my shoes had none, she too had paused looking around a few feet away from me.

She looked middle 30's, abit older than me I guessed, about 5'8" in her heels wearing a batik sarong, and a dark maroon laced blouse that showed off her fabulous figure. She was very fair and had beautiful features, a flawless complexion, with dark eyes and ruby red lips.

Judging from the way her hair tied in a bun at the back of her head, her figure hugging batik sarong and black waist band, I knew she must be Indonesian. She was really a voluptuous, breathtakingly, heart stopping, alluringly beautiful, sensual lady. I noticed she was wearing a Thai Princess ring, but not on her wedding finger.

She then walked towards the restaurant, I getting a glimpse of her very fair legs peeping out between her sarong slit. I looked around and saw she had no male escort and admiring her sashay somehow only Muslim ladies have perfected I walked some feet behind her. She had seen me when coming out the elevator.

I was glad I had on my long sleeve beige silk shirt and dark slacks.
A waiter guided her to an empty table near the French windows. Another waiter guided me to a table, I pointing to him a table next to the lady.

I had closed one of my biggest business deals of my career and knew my boss would include a large sum of monetary reward to me end of the month. Feeling pleased with myself I felt like celebrating and seeing her sitting alone studying the menu, I thought, why not?
She had no wedding ring on her finger. I would swim across a crocodile infested river to know someone of her exquisite beauty. Her voluptuous figure titillated my thoughts, all dishonourable ones.

Right! How or what approach should I initiate? With her kind of exotic beauty I knew I have to utilise my take-no-prisoners Ninjalogy art of seduction only meant for a beauty like hers. She sure to have dozens of male admirers. I gave my dinner order to the waiter as well ordered a glass of ice coffee and lighted my Lucky Strike cigarette.

I was facing her, but pretended not to notice. I did notice her glancing at me as I looked around getting my brain to work overtime how to get to know her? My brain now highly motivated by her beauty suddenly remembered about the florist shop in the lobby.

Having secured the multi-million project, I was now free and with nothing better to do, I now set my objective on getting to know her. I love challenges.

With her kind of looks and figure, I knew I have to release my handbrake, and go for broke, apply my best Ninjalogy techniques.

Signalling a waiter indicating I was going to step out awhile, I hurried to reception on the way noticing the florist shop still opened and requesting from a receptionist an hotel envelope and a piece of writing paper. On it I wrote a short message and sealed it.

Then walked to the florist shop and selected a half opened red, scented rose bud, just one long stem and got the lady to gift wrap it in a transparent box and a red ribbon.

I told her I'll get a waiter to collect it from her in five minutes, giving her my name.

Back at my table, I took out some money, and signalled a waitress hovering nearby. "Miss, I would like you to have this", putting the 5 Ringgit in her hand, "please do me a favour".

She smiled nodding putting the money into her pocket, "please go to the florist shop in the lobby, collect a single stem rose for me, its ready to be collected, mention my name, 'for Mr Lee'...and bring it back and present it to to her, but don't mention from me", I nodded my head slightly at the lady next table. Her food had just arrived she sipping her soup first.

The waitress smiled cheekily, thanked me and went out. My food arrived as I ate slowly behaving nonchalantly.

She returned a few minutes later and walking to the lady's table presented her the single gift wrapped single stem rose. She looked at the waitress enquiringly, who replied she was instructed to give her the rose.

The lady thanked her smiling same time looking around as she opened the box and sniffed the rose. I continued eating. She hurriedly opened the envelope and read the message and I could see her laughing to herself, noticing her beautiful Hollywood white teeth. I saw she read the message twice then glancing at my direction. I continued eating not looking at her.

From the corner of my eye, I noticed her signalling a waitress and smiling telling her something then nodding at my table. The waitress nodded and left. She read the message again and smiled, then continued eating.

A few minutes later, a waiter brought me a glass of iced coffee, I looking at him as I did not order it. He smiled cheekily, "it's with the lady's", he nodded at her table, "compliments, sir".
I looked at her, she nodded at me and gave me a bewitching smile that made me forget my mother's name.

I nodded and smiled back, then stood up taking the fresh glass of ice coffee and went to her table saying, "thank you for the coffee, Miss". She again gave me her forget-my-mother's-name smile saying, "mister, my compliments," her beautiful Indonesian accent now thrilling me, "terima kasih for this lovely rose...and the message, first time someone meets me this way, I love it".

I knew then the Gods were smiling on me, as she continued, "would you care to join my table"? Yes! The Gods are smiling. I could see she not only had elegance, but kind of lady. How I wished I had my MGB sports car with me.

"Lady, I would be delighted, but only if you will permit me buy you this dinner"? She laughed, "terima kasih, if you like", I introducing myself, "my name is Lee". She responded, "terima kasih Lee". I then signalled a waiter to bring my food and coffee to her table as I sat down shaking hands with her, she saying, "you can call me Intan". "Hi Intan, love the name, beautiful name too, my pleasure knowing you". The waiter brought my dinner over.

She looking at me, laughing, "Lee,...terima kasih for this beautiful message, I like your style". My message had read, "Lady, please forgive me this, but I cannot help myself from admiring your exquisite beauty and would like to show a Rose how beautiful you are". 'From: The gentleman in beige shirt sitting opposite you'.

We then chatted, she teasing me saying most men would be hesitant in approaching a lady they don't know. I laughed, "Intan, I only have tonight,...and time is of the essence with a beauty like yours". She giggled and touched my hand, "thank you Lee, you leaving tomorrow? Where to"?
"Singapore, have a business appointment there in the afternoon". Her beautiful, sensual, sultry looks captivated me like never before.

She laughed, "Lee! What a coincidence,....I too am leaving for Singapore tomorrow 10am flight. I am giving a cooking demonstration at the YWCA in the evening 3pm. And you know what? I'll be celebrating my birthday tomorrow too". I really love her beautiful Indonesian accent with an 'r' after every word.

I teased, "and how will you be celebrating your birthday there? And with whom, if you'll pardon this poor manners curiosity"? She laughed, "ohhh Lee, you the only one who knows, besides my daughter at home".

My radar immediately activated. I immediately replied, "ooops! My eyesight must be failing me as I noticed earlier you not wearing a wedding ring, can I have the Rose and my name back", I joked.

She burst out laughing, "Lee, My! are very observant, ha, you can't have the Rose back, or your name, as I was married. Got one kid, she's 6,..with my mom now. I'll phone her tomorrow as she wants to wish me 'happy birthday'.

My mind thinking which man would divorce a beauty like her? With a body to die for too? Anyway, none of my business, but feeling greatly relieved she was not.

"With whom"? She smiled, "hopefully with a certain gentleman in a beige shirt". I made a face at her, "the beige shirt gentleman won't be there", I pausing for special effects as she looked at me enquiringly, "why? You leaving after your appointment"?

I laughed, "oh no,...a gentleman wearing a black silk shirt instead will have the pleasure of helping you celebrate your birthday". She laughed, "ohh Lee! Terima kasih, long you staying in Singapore then"? "Just one night,....but again, it depends whether I have other, ahemm, appointments".

Looking at her, "and you"? "Ahhh, just two days, one day cooking demonstration, next day shopping, get something for my daughter Dewi and a birthday present for myself same time".

"Any chance you might extend your two days to few more days"? She laughed raising an eyebrow flirtatiously at me, "hmmm, depends,...what Singapore has to offer".

"Intan, allow me to give Singapore to you, I am at your service, day or..", I stopped myself and laughed. She touched my hand adding cheekily, "and night"? raising her eyebrow cheekily.

I quickly said, "its Monday today,...any possibility extending your stay till", I looked at her, "till Sunday"? She, "what about your work or office"? Her reply excited me. "Ohhh, no problemos, I have my vacation due, will phone my secretary, I'm courting a beautiful Indonesian maiden in Singapore, need a week off". She smacked my hand laughing, "Lee, you certainly work very fast, but...I,..don't know you that well,....yet". She winked. I knew what she meant.

I carried up both my hands showing no ring on my fingers, then took out my wallet opening it saying, "no wife or favorite girlfriend's photo inside, a gentleman's word, and assure you I am a confirmed bachelor, did think about joining a Thai Monastery, but now have changed my mind, half hour ago". She burst out laughing.

"Intan, where are you putting up in Singapore"? "Ohhh,...I've booked a room at the Hyatt,...I think the road name is, Road or something".

"I'm booked at the Mandarin,....Orchard road too". Then teasing her continued, "you know, it takes about I think, 15 minutes to walk over see you there to celebrate your birthday, and a waste of money get a taxi that short distance, I got an idea...". She laughed.

We had finished eating by now and as the waitress cleared our table, I telling her to put everything on my bill, and got Intan to order an ice lemon tea for herself.

I continued, "I'm not sure how much a night at Hyatt costs, I can guess, but I get a very special for regulars discount where I am, and I'm sure much less than you paying,...why not switch over? Saves me walking, conserve my stamina too".

She laughed, and looking at me flirtatiously, "I like that, conserve your stamina, ha ha", she fishing out a packet of Salem cigarettes from her handbag, enquiring, "you mind I smoke"? "Oh no, go ahead, I was about to ask you too, as I lighted it for her with my Zippo lighter as well lighting my Lucky Strike. I could see she really had class, elegance and style.

She giggled, "Lee, sure don't waste much time do you? Ha ha,...okay, why not,...I'll phone them later". I said, "and I'll phone Mandarin get a room for you...say,...", I winked at her, "about 20 seconds walk from mine". I dodged her pinch on my hand as she laughed.

I suddenly remembered, "hey, I almost forgot! Your beauty has really clouded my thoughts, I supposed you already have your ticket booked for Singapore"? "Yes,...I booked, giving my name, but not paid yet, why"?

"Okay, you after this phone your Hyatt hotel, then your ticket booking, cancel both and come fly with me". She exhaling a puff of smoke looked at me enquiringly, my thoughts, 'gosh, she is beautiful'.
"Lee, you lost me there. You mean fly with you on a later flight"?
I smiled, "yes,...we take off around 11am as I need to make some business phone calls from my room, and we'll fly in my Company's plane".

"Your WHAT"? She exclaimed, her beautiful dark eyes looking at me in disbelieve, then laughed, "excuse my manners too Lee,...but did I hear you correctly? Did you say, fly in your company plane"? I nodded.

She looked at me, "Lee! Ohhh my God! Wow! First the rose, now you say fly in your private jet"?
I laughed, "yes, but it's not mine, its a Corporate Jet, my company's. My pilot and co-pilot right now must be in Gurney drive somewhere having dinner or chasing some Penang girls for a date. We came in from Bangkok earlier today". She looked at me still in disbelieve shaking her head, then teased, "and you not married, right"?

"Right, cross my heart", I answered laughing, "but if you change your mind, then I'll rethink about that Thai monastery", making her laugh out loud. "Lee, where did you buy this rose for me? I think I better get you one too, ha ha", she winked. The Gods not only smiling at me, but winking at me now.

Finishing our drinks, I signed the bill and suggested to her we go for a walk along the beach, teasing her, "I'll hold your shoes let you dip your toes in the sea, the saying goes, once you touch the sea water here, you will always return", she laughing knowing I was pulling her legs.

Intan and I had a couple of drinks after walking on the beach last night and arranged she joined me for breakfast at 9.

It was 8.50am when I walked into the coffee house and seeing Hans and Kurt having their breakfast, both of them in their Captain and co-pilot flight uniforms of white shirt with Hans having four gold stripes on his sleeves indicating him a captain, and Kurt 3 gold stripes, and dark blue pants.

They noticing me, "good morning, Mr Lee". I greeting them back and teased them what they did last night? They laughed saying they had visited a nightclub as well a bar in town and love Penang. Kurt winked at me and I guessed they got into abit of mischief.

I then told Hans I have a friend who will be flying with me to Singapore, not mentioning who. He replying, "no problems, Mr Lee, you the boss, what time we take off"? I replying, "11 okay"? "Right", answered Hans in his strong European accent, "we'll go run a flight check after breakfast".

Just then Intan walked in, and again took my breath away. She had on a half tint designer sunglasses, and wearing a pair of stretch beige slacks showing her shapely hips and legs, a black one button opened at the top blouse with a red scarf knotted at her neck, hair in a cute bun behind her head and her three inch heels looking simply sensational and delectably sensual.

"Hi Lee, good morning", she greeted me. She had told me her last name last night while walking along the beach, 'Katrina'.
I suddenly remembered it was her birthday and wished her, "happy birthday, Intan", shaking her hand. She thanking me.

Both Hans and Kurt immediately stood up as I introduced Intan to both of them. "Katrina, meet Captain Hans, and Co-pilot Kurt". She greeted them shaking their hands saying, "gentlemen, a pleasure". I could see both Hans and Kurt admiring her discreetly, as well her very curvaceous figure. "Hans, Ms Katrina will be the passenger I mentioned".
He nodded at her, "Ms Katrina, it'll be our pleasure having you fly with us, and oh ya, happy birthday to you". Intan smiled thanking him.

We then let both of them continue their breakfast and sat at another table nearby.

Intan still couldn't believe she was going to fly in a Corporate jet and teasing me, "Lee, I am so glad you gave me that rose, it's in my bag now, will keep it for always to remind me of a real gentleman".

After our breakfast, while Intan walked around the hotel grounds, I went to my room to make a few business calls.

I first rang Mandarin Hotel Singapore and spoke to the desk manager. He recognised my voice, "ohhh, hello Mr Lee, I see you arriving around 1pm, welcome to Mandarin, Singapore".

I thanked him and asked him to do me a favour. He, "name it, Mr Lee".

"Please get me another room, a double bed, next to mine if possible. Then order a bouquet of two dozen roses, half red, half yellows, prefer half buds and scented, and write on the card, 'Happy birthday, Intan', from Lee'. I continued, "get someone to present it to her later, she arriving with me". "Sure Mr Lee, no problems".

"Thanks Lim, can you get someone, one of your girls walk across to CK Tang, buy for me a gold coloured Glomesh ladies handbag, If no gold, a beige or white will be alright. Also get me a bottle of Nina Ricci 'L'air du tempe perfume, you got all that"?

He laughed, "yes, Mr Lee, I'm noting it down", and he repeated my requests.

"Thank you Lim, I appreciate it. Get the bag and perfume gift wrapped separately in gold wrapping paper and a red ribbon,...and oh yes, get a nice birthday card too, and write, 'to Intan, from Lee, with my compliments, happy birthday', attach to the present, ...and put all on my account".

"Mr Lee, thank you, consider it done, you have a safe flight, we'll see you around 1pm and thank you for choosing Mandarin hotel". I thanked him then remembered, "oh yes Lim, book me a table at Belvedere, table for two for 7.45pm dinner, prefer near the pianist".

"The table will be ready for you, Mr Lee, thank you".

Concluding my few business calls, I rang Dixie enquiring on any important matters that might require my presence. She being the efficient manager she is answered, "nothing I can't handle, Mr Lee, don't worry, will only call you if office on fire, ha ha".

I then informed her I'll be taking the next few days off, returning on Monday morning, but will still be available if anything urgent crops up, she knows where to get me.

Collecting my two briefcases, a 5 inch silver Samsonite with my clothes, and my patent leather Gilberto case with my paperwork, I met Intan at the lobby. And at reception wanted to include her room bill to mine, when the cashier replied she had already settled hers.

We then took a taxi to the airport. I could see she was terribly excited telling me, "wow Lee! What a birthday for me, I will never forget this experience,...flying in a Corporate Jet with a tall, dashing gentleman. Terima kasih, Lee....I'm so happy you made friends with me. Ahhh, but I did catch you looking at me few times last night before the rose arrived".

I laughed, "hey, I was admiring the waitresses, not at you". She pinched my arm giggling, joking, "don't bluff me, Mr Lee, I caught you"! We both laughed and feeling very comfortable in our new relationship.

Arriving at the airport, I saw Hans waving at me, he quickly coming over taking our small bags, he carrying mine, Kurt Intan's two small bags.

She looked at me and smiled at what she was experiencing, Corporate style travelling, as Hans led us to the plane on the tarmac reserved for private planes. She whispered, "ohhh Lee, it's like dream, pinch me I'm not dreaming". I pinched her arm lightly she giggling.

Quite a few people waiting at the lobby and departure lounge looked at us, at her as we went thru a gate meant only for private jets. I could see quite a few men admiring her as she really look stunning in her slacks, black fitting blouse and her very sensual sashay walk. Just seeing her walk made my knees weak.

She let out a soft gasp when she saw our plane on the tarmac gripping my arm, "Lee, she's beautiful"!

Hans then let down the small ramp to let us board. I let Intan board first following after her as Kurt standing inside stowed our luggage in the rear.

A few minutes later, a soft, "tingggg" sounded and the "fasten your seatbelt warning lights came on, flashing next to the pilot's door.

We buckled up as the whine of the twin engines came to life. We could hear Kurt asking tower control for clearance to take off and hearing the reply, "Oscar Victor Niner..light, you are clear for take off for 15000. Have a pleasant flight". Kurt confirming, "Penang tower, Oscar Victor Niner ..light, Roger 15,000, thank you, out".

Soon we were airborne as we slowly gained altitude flying over the coast off Penang. I pointing out to her Penang bridge and the tiny ferries far below.

Just then Kurt walked in, "Miss Katrina, would you like a drink? Coffee, tea or pineapple juice, tomato or orange? We have 7Up as well Coca Cola if you like"?

"Thank you Mr Kurt, I'll have the pineapple juice". Looking at me, "Mr Lee..."?

I saying, "give me a Coke, Kurt, and thank you".

Kurt mixing our drinks at the small bar by the door, Intan saying softly, "Lee, sure travel in style, huh"? I laughed, "not often, usually with SIA or MAS, but this time because we had our Engineers coming from Europe, and picking me and another Engineer in KL, as well some office equipment, and then Hans flying back to Europe tomorrow".

Flying above the clouds I told Intan what speed we were flying and roughly the altitude and our ETA Singapore Payer Lebar airport. I told her she could smoke if she wanted, I taking out my cigarette, then lighting her Salem. I couldn't help but admire her flawless beauty, and her Hollywood white teeth smiles. The alluring scent of her perfume seduced my senses. As well I couldn't believe she now flying with me to Singapore. She seeing me looking at her raised an eyebrow, "penny for your thoughts, Mr Lee".

I smiled, "just thinking, I told the Mandarin manager get you a room about 20 seconds away from mine". She burst out laughing smacking my arm, "Lee! You certainly don't waste any time, huh"?

I replied, "you are not a woman. You are an essence,...and if you were a tear in my eye, I would not cry for losing you".

She laughed and held my hand and joked, "Lee, that's the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me. You did say you not married, right"? I laughed nodding my head, "unless I join the Monastery".

"I'll stop you first, Mr Lee, no Monastery will have you if I can help it". The Gods must be giggling now I thought.

"Ahhh", I teased, "does that mean you'll have dinner with me tonight"? "Lee, I would be delighted to".

"Okay", I squeezed her soft hand, "let's celebrate your birthday my way".

"And how may that be, pray tell me Mr Lee,... your mention earlier of conserving your stamina intrigues me"?

"Ha ha, it's a surprise, just be ready by 7.15 tonight and, oh yes, I would be very happy you wear your sarong tonight"? "Lee, for you, I will", she winked, "I remember bringing one I think you will like very much, a modern version sarong wrap".

We sipped our drinks and enjoyed our cigarettes chatting and teasing each other and then it was time to fasten our safety belts prepare for landing in Singapore. We were now flying over the coast of Johore as the plane lost altitude slowly, doing a slow turn heading for its final approach to Payar Lebar airport in the distance.

We could hear Kurt talking to Paya Lebar airport tower, "Paya Lebar tower, Oscar Victor Niner...light, on final approach". "Oscar Victor Niner...light, Payar Lebar tower, you are clear to land on runaway one".

"Roger, Payar Lebar tower, Oscar Victor Niner light...runaway one".
Intan giggling, "wow, first time I hear pilots talking to the airport, never knew it is like this when I fly commercial". "Yes, they have to get clearance for everything too".

Dixie had arranged accomodation for Hans and Kurt on my instructions at Marco Polo hotel. I thanked Hans and Kurt for their services and told them to enjoy their one night stay in Singapore. Hans thanking me in return for giving them an opportunity to stay back one day in Singapore as well Penang.

I joked, "go ahead, have a good time and a safe flight home tomorrow. Give my best regards to Marlene when you see her".

I telling Intan Marlene our Europe company secretary. We shook hands, with Hans telling Intan, "Miss Katrina, it's been a pleasure having you fly with us. Hope you enjoyed the flight"?

"Oh yes, I did Hans, thank you,...wish it was a longer flight. I really enjoyed it". We then got into our taxis to our hotels, Hans and Kurt waving at us goodbye. It was almost 1pm.

Arriving at Mandarin Hotel, Intan standing beside me as I signed in for the two rooms, a receptionist walking towards us carrying the bouquet of red and yellow roses and presented it to Intan". She exclaimed, "for me"? I answered, "happy birthday, Intan".

"Lee! They are so beautiful! I love it, terima kasih, Lee". She read the card and laughed, "ohhh Lee, you are full of surprises, terima kasih"!

Just then another receptionist brought to her the gift wrapped Glomesh handbag and bottle of Nina Ricci perfume. I said, "Intan, my birthday presents for you, happy birthday again". She reading the attached card laughed thanking me saying, "what is it, Lee"? I saying, "open it later in your room".

The bellboy then carrying our luggage took us to our rooms. He had brought up a glass vase for Intan's bouquet of roses. I took my room key from him, tipping him, then followed Intan into her room. She exclaimed at the luxurious room then laughed, raising her eyebrow flirtatiously, "Lee! Why the big double bed..."?

I laughed, "ohhh,...not sure whether you a quiet sleeper or a roller, so better have a big bed". I dodging her smack on my shoulders as she laughed out loud and answered cheekily, "hmmm, it sure is a big bed too,...for one person", looking at me cheekily.
I laughed and said, "okay, I'll leave you to unpack,...then we go down for lunch at the coffee house in 15 minutes, okay with you"? She answering, "I'll be ready...Lee! Wait, let me open my presents first, see what you bought for me"?

I stood next to the bed lighting a cigarette as she opened her two presents, then gasped out loud on seeing the Glomesh handbag, "Lee! It's beautiful! I love it! I've always wanted to own one,....oh my gosh! It must have cost you a small fortune this"! I smiled, "nothing but the best for a beautiful lady like you, my pleasure, Intan".

She then unwrapped the small gift box and again exclaimed, "Ohhh Lee! Nina Ricci! Thank you,..terima kasih", then she standing up on her heels embraced me tightly and kissed my cheek, "thank you Lee,...for a most unforgettable birthday,,, ohhh Lee! You are spoiling me. I sure will not let you join the Thai Monastery now, ha ha".

"Intan, getting that kiss is worth every thing,....fortunately that florist shop was still opened yesterday evening, otherwise....", I laughed.

"Tell me Lee, if it was closed? What you do then"? "Ohhh, I'll ask the waiter to bring you ice cream dessert". She giggling shaking her head, "hmmm, can see you are an experienced gentleman, ha ha, never give up, huh"? "Nope, I don't, not with someone like you".
"Okay, I better go freshen up now".
"See you in 15 minutes, I'll knock". She thanking me saying she going to phone her daughter. I left her room for my room next door.

Intan had returned from her cooking demo at the YWCA around 6.20. I had finished my business appointment around 4pm and had gone to CK Tang across the road and bought for her some cheeky, raise eye brow kind of presents to give to her later.

I had popped into the Ladies department displaying negligees, lingerie and other women's undergarments.

Then getting a matured lady sales assistant who smiled at me cheekily when I pointed to a garment display I liked, pointing to her a sheer, lacy, silky white one, asking for the color and size I wanted.

And making her giggle when I pointed to some slim as well bikini undergarments asking her to wrap for me the soft cotton ones, two of each, blacks, beige and whites. Never did like reds. Told her to gift wrap them together with the garment I had selected.

Returning to the hotel, I hid the presents. I then took a short nap when she went for her cooking demo by taxi.

Her knock on my door woke me up as I had fallen asleep while reading the papers. "I'll be ready by 7.30 Lee". "Take your time, the restaurant is downstairs.

I knocked her door at 7.20, hiding her presents behind my back, she letting me in and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. She was dressed in a figure hugging, black and red floral print batik sarong, and a black lace low cut blouse exposing her very fair cleavage and I was thrilled to see she had her long hair loosed over her shoulders, a beautiful pair of ivory Cameo earrings adorned her ears as I let out a soft whistle, "Intan, you look absolutely beautiful".

I knocked her door at 7.20, hiding her presents behind my back, she letting me in and I couldn't believe what I was seeing. She was dressed in a figure hugging, black and red floral print batik sarong, and a black lace low cut blouse exposing her very fair cleavage and I was thrilled to see she had her long hair loosed over her shoulders, a beautiful pair of ivory Cameo earrings adorned her ears as I let out a soft whistle, "Intan, you look absolutely beautiful".

Intan gasped when we were escorted to our table near the pianist admiring the luxurious, opulent decor and beautiful ambiance of the restaurant. The resident pianist playing some soft tunes on his piano.

"Ohhh Lee, its so, romantic too. I love the purple wall and the chandeliers. You really know your restaurants too".

"Intan, with an essence like you, dressed in your this beautiful sarong and blouse, I will never forgive myself any thing below this standard".

"Lee, terima kasih, I love this place and with you Lee".

Our table was at a corner near the pianist. A waitress enquiring what drinks we would like as she handed us the large velvet menu. Intan smiling and saying softly, "Lee, I think I'll leave the ordering to you as not familiar I think the French cuisine words here. I nodded.

Intan then looked at me, again saying softly, "Lee, please forget who or what I am, I think you understand what I'm saying...I mean the drinks, for food, fish or beef will be fine, I'll let you order for's okay, it's my birthday and as they say, 'when in Rome'...ha ha, go ahead, order something, anything you like for me, for us".

I ordered Kobe beef with scallops for her and Parmesan lobster for myself, with thousand Island salad for us. Then telling the waitress, "get me your Dom Perignon Cuvee, a '68". She thanking us for the order. A few minutes later the manager came to our table showing me the bottle of vintage Dom Perignon, a '68. "Mr Lee, how you like your Champagne chilled"?
"Steven, 12 minutes please, glasses 5 minutes". He nodded, "thank you Mr Lee", looking at his watch as a waitress rolled a small trolley with an ice bucket putting it beside our table. He then inserted the Champagne into the ice bucket and sprinkled some salt on the ice, then taking away our two glasses to be chilled.

I said to Intan, "you have the Kobe beef with scallops, it's delicious". She smiled, "Lee, this is my most memorable birthday ever, thank you. I can't imagine all this happening, and less than 2 days too. You sure believe in lightning courtships, huh"? I laughed, "Intan, the night is still young,...and there's still the present in your room yet to be opened".

She giggled, "Lee, I can't stand the suspense, give me a hint what you got for me"?

I winked, "ohhh, nothing spectacular, just a present I mentioned seal our friendship".

She laughed, "Lee, I'm beginning to get a little suspicious, ha ha, your interesting choice of words like, ha ha...conserve stamina,....and now sealing our friendship". She held my hand, "you are giving me a beautiful birthday, Lee....well, I guess I'll have to do some thinking about thanking you". I laughed...."just call me when you open your presents....preferably after". She looked at me enquiringly, "why after? Don't you want to see me open your presents"? "I already know what it is...but, I leave it to you, before or after and I will come", I winked. She laughed.

Seeing a waitress nearby, I signalled her over, "please pass this note to the pianist, thank you". I had earlier written down on the hotel writing paper, "please play 'happy birthday' for my lovely partner, 'Intan'...her birthday today, and followed by, the tune from, 'I'll remember you", thank you', its also her first trip to Singapore. Lee.

While we about to start on our dinner, the pianist made an announcement, "this is for lovely Ms Intan who is celebrating her birthday today...'happy birthday, Ms Intan'...and the tune, "I'll remember you", a special request from Mr Lee to you. Happy birthday, Ms Intan and welcome to Singapore".

Intan laughed, "Lee, you think of everything, terima really making my birthday a memorable, unforgettable one too". I teased, "the night is still young". She laughed, as we listened to the 'birthday song', then the 'I'll remember you'.
Some of the other tables applauded our table, Intan turning and acknowledging nodding her head.

After our dinner, I took Intan up to the Kasbah, Mandarin Hotel's exclusive nite club where we had a couple of drinks and doing a disco and a waltz.

Intan whispering, "Lee...I can't wait to open my presents...let's return to our rooms", she touched my cheek.

I nodded, "okay, it's only 11, still early anyway, and you and I have no appointments tomorrow".

She laughed holding me tighter as we danced to a slow Foxtrot, I enjoying the nearness of her body. "Now you making me curious, what you mean we have no appointments tomorrow?....You want to wake up late"?

I laughed, "not me,". I dodged her pinch, she smiling flirtatiously, "Us? Hmmm, you mean we sit and chat, have coffee till late"? I said, "you open your presents first,...and I think you'll need a room service wake-up call around 11am, ha ha".

We returned to our rooms to freshen up, she to her room. I was washing up when my phone rang, "Ohhh Lee! It's ha ha, its so beautiful, terima kasih Lee, you really spoiling me, you know,...and, hmmm, are very naughty, huh?

I love it, Lee....whites one of my favorite colors too".

"Which ones you mean"?

"Lee, you bought them, you know what I mean,..I'm going to try them for size, free to come over in 15 minutes"?

"Well, I have no other dates tonight, see you in 15. I'll get room service to bring up a well chilled Mateaus Rosse wine for us, okay with you"?

"Why not...? Like you said earlier, the night's still young, but we already had Champagne? What is this Mateaus Rosse?,...hmmmm, maybe should extend the wake-up call to noon"?

I answered, "the Champagne helps a person, a lady to say a loud, YES! And a Mateaus Rosse wine helps make a small bush fire turn into a roaring , wild forest fire,...last for...ahemmm, days".

She laughing, "Lee, you have the most original answers I have ever heard, ha ha...okay, see you in 15 minutes".

"I'll put on my tie", I teased.

Anonymous said...

SEX, oh Sex... u are beautiful but painful.

Robert Foo said...

Hi NST...

Your information is most appreciated. Could be very useful to our Malaysian. Thank you for reading my blog...

Robert Foo said...

Hi Sex Legal...

WoW!!! You guys mature fast at age 16. Good piece of news that we Asian have to know. Thanks for the wonderful comment.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Wise decision...

Unbelieveable!! You set 10 meaningful questions before sex. The next time i have sex with my little darling, have to ask ourselves these 10 commandments first. Thank you for spending time over here. Your infor are very valuable.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Canada Legal..

We the Asian really have a lot to learn. You guys are liberal and understand sex better. Have to salute to you. Thank you for your time here.

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Hi An Affair to remember...

Interesting story!! Exciting and quite unbelievable. I hope I could still perform when I reach their age. Thank you for reading my blog.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Woody Allen...

You are pretty right. Having sex with the right partner is marvellous...that is with true love. Thank you for your comments.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Confucius...

You speak with wisdom. When you do not have is out of the question. Thank you for your comment.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Swami...

Make love with "YES" then. Thank you for reading my blog.

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Hi Lee...

Your romantic story is touching. Have to learn from you. Btw...what happened to this voluptuous lady now.?? Thank you for your contribution and spending some time here.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Anonymous...

Sex is painful but not the pleasureable pain. Thank you for reading my blog.

Anonymous said...

Hello Robert, ha ha, thank you for the warm compliments. I am retired heading into my twilight years...and THAT WAS my last fling, as I met my wife 6 months later....

It was what one calls, 'one for the road'....a real gran finale to my wild, rip roaring days...and Ninjalogies, ha ha.

Intan appeared in my life as I was already slowing down...but just had to have one last, memorable hurrah, and lead a more steady life, ha ha..And who can resist an Indonesian beauty like Intan...she was one of a kind then...

With regards to your question, we had a ahemm, relationship about 6 months, but as her work, my work separated us few times, we decided to just remain friends and after awhile we lost touch.

Yes, she was really beautiful, a real Indonesian beauty...had some Dutch genes in her I guess. With a figure that can stop traffic, ha ha.