Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Eyes will tell the truth.

Ah Fai and another younger agent, Roy came to seek my selling experiences. They wanted to know how to identify a good prospective client. The first question I threw to them was, "When you see a lady prospect, which part of her body you likely spot first? The upper, middle or lower? Please be frank."

I allowed Ah Fai to speak ahead. As usual being a naughty person, he was frank to say, "Actually, I prefer to see the whole body. First...boobs and butt. If yummy then look at the face, whether got appetite or not...hihi!! Some men attracted to see face and don't care about the body. But for me, the whole body is desirable. I like to explore and enjoy the whole sexy body."

I was stunned! I asked for his selling skill and he gave me his admiring skill. Could not blame him, as a young normal healthy man, he should react to such a response. Otherwise he might be considered as an abnormal male. Roy was different, he said he likes to look at woman's feet by the first sight. The shoes they wear and the colour depicts the personality of the ladies. Wow!! Had never heard of this before. Perhaps have to observe myself.

As far as I am concerned, I will always look at their face first....especially the eyes. The eyes can tell a lot of a person, because eyes are both windows and beacons of the mind. An unhealthy person has dull eyes. A happy and a loving person has shinning eyes. A cunning person has funny eyes which I don't like. With experiences plus skill, one could learn to see whether a person is selfish, kind, open-minded, approachable, frank, sincere, intelligence, confidence and successful. Learn to see the personality of each person we meet through their eyes. Observe the grow of the eyes, the movement when they talk, the shape and the spark of them. You will be amazed how eyes could tell the truth of our prospects before they speak with their mouths. Identifying a good prospect is my seeing a pair of wonderful eyes that have love. This is the first stage of selling before you talk.

Food for the thought -"Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world." - Joel A. Barker


Reem said...

That's a good point, next time I'll be sure to look into people's eyes. For the most part, I'm usually pretty good at guessing people's personalities and what they're like from talking to them for just a few minutes or even observing them from afar. But you bring up a good point about eyes being the door to the mind. I'm very intrigued by what I've just read and I shall test it!

Robert Foo said...

Hi Reem,

I am glad you are here again. Looking at people's eyes is also a skill. Most people are afraid to look at others eyes because they felt offended. But if you learned to be tactful, eyes and eyes could communicate. Keep trying and you will see something out of it.

Thanks for your comment.