Monday, November 10, 2008

Shitting time is thinking time.

Ideas are important in our lives. Either you steal from someone or you create your own. According to my new found buddy, Ah Fai, his ideas came when he pangsai...meaning when he shits. Not shitting time, he could not think much or when he sees gorgeous girls, fantastic ideas just come.

I have to agree with him because each morning when I pangsai, the feel of relief and releases, tends to activate my mind. The inner thought is clear and inspiring when the stools shit with satisfaction. Some like to smoke while shitting...perhaps could allow more thinking and distressing at the same time. Little darling played with his game boy while shitting. She said, the toilet is the only place when she could quietly play her favorite games. Ask her if is true?

I bet with you, these are not my shit ideas. In fact, most of what I had written, almost coming to 600 titles soon, are useful and creative thoughts gathered while shitting. I always carry a small writing pad while in the toilet. Each time, a thought or image comes into my mind, whether is bad or good, I will immediately write them down before I forget. Later of the night, I transfer my shitting ideas to my blog, when I elaborate deeper and refine them with sweetness and taste. So! In case, if you do smell any unpleasant odour while reading my blog, please bear along with me because they are shit but recycle to convert into knowledge of life. Mmmmmm!! Is smelly but is good.

Try this - "When the shit hits the fan, give a shit a thought while shitting. It might clear you out of your deep shit."