Friday, November 28, 2008

Smart selling.

Over a training session with some young agents, I was asked..."How do I maintain selling so long in my life insurance business?" I told them, I am not intelligence but luckily I am smart.

Most of my school mates who were intelligence became doctors, lawyers or engineers. However I am smart to make them to be my clients. I am smart to know what they needs and wants. Whenever they are unhappy or sorrowful, I am smart to see in their mind. I am smart to offer them solution and make them happy. I am smart when to increase their insurance too.

Life insurance has a lot to learn. You need to be intelligence to understand all aspect of the protection and investment products. It takes a long time to master the entire program and plan. More so the products and features keep changing all the time. However I am smart to propose all relevant insurance products as simple as possible to all my prospects. Too complex and too comprehensive lead to confusion, whereas simplicity is easier to understand. I might not be an intelligent financial consultant which most life insurance agents claim (those titles stated on their name cards), but I am smart to touch all those I met and made them to be my closed friends eventually.

Most new agents who came along with an university degree and have brilliant mind, have fear to make cold calls on telephone. I am not as intelligence like them but I am smart to make strangers laugh on the phone with me. Upon meeting prospects, agents show their intelligence by figures and facts laid down through their laptops. I can't do that but I am smart to market myself by sharing my wisdom of life. Though my explanation on insurance is short and simple, they took it more willingly than from intelligent agents. I can't be as youthful as those aspiring agents, but I am smart to win all my clients with my wittiness and cheekiness. Yes! I admit...I am not intelligence but I am smart to keep my career as a hobby, which allows me to talk endlessly, have fun and excitement with all those I interact, and be able to help those who needed me. I enjoy every moment of my selling because I open my heart and mind to others.

Food for the thought - "It is lack of love for ourselves that inhibits our compassion towards others. If we make friends with ourselves, then there is no obstacle to opening our hearts and minds to others" - Unknown.

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