Saturday, November 08, 2008

Growing up isn't easy.

Something to ponder....

Growing up at my age of 61 isn't easy! To tell my exact age, people won't believe coz I look young. If I said, I am 37 turning 36, all ears will be with me. On selling, if I revealed my true age, they said why I should be still selling!! Not when I used 37 turning 36, all attentions will be with me instead. If I introduced myself as a Life Insurance at the beginning, everyone runs away. However when they asked my profession, I strike them with puzzle that I am selling 'HAPPINESS'. I am sure they will asked more. I drove the Mercedes, they said I was showing off. I drove my simple Honda Accord, they asked why! When I drove alone to work, they asked what I was trying to prove..."Do you still need to work at your age?" Now I am chauffeured driven, they could not believe their eyes. I dressed in plain colours, they said I was old fashioned. When I changed to daring darker colours, they were caught in surprise. I worn slack pants and gold watch, they called me uncle! With persuasion from little darling, I began to wear jeans and stainless Seiko brand, they claimed I am a macho man. If I untouched my hair as original grey, they said I was old and haggard. With a bit of afford to colour my hair with brown and red, I am a hero to all my friends.

Should I be 61, old fashion, conservative, sensitive, arrogance, high self-esteem and age gracefully! Which I don't like to be... because I will loose all my value in life with my friends, especially the younger one. Or should I be 37 turning 36, feel and attempt to be young until death. Sad to say, by feeling young at my age, it created doubts and anger to those who don't understand life. Perhaps they have not reached my age yet to understand or they are afraid to understand. I had remarks on me, I am a 'ham sap' old man. Meaning, naughty cheeky old man. Seeing me with many attractive intelligent women, created anger and jealousy. They said I am an old wolf to be careful with.

Whatever it is, I know what I want in life. I am not afraid of what others said because I live for myself and not for the sake of showing to appease others. With my belief of life the way it is, I am glad to have a contented heart which is sincere and kind. My mind grows by taking in but the heart grows by giving out. Able to blog everyday to share willingly without fail. My way of life helps me to be in tip top health with no sickness so far. Still crazy in love and romance..... otherwise little darling won't have loved me so much. Yes! Growing up at my age is definitely not easy. I have to be brave to counter all obstacles of life. This is my choice as Prof 5, one of my reader wrote.

This is what I had gathered - "Let me win, but if I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt." — Unknown, from Special Olympics motto.


Anonymous said...

Hey you all people there!

Leave this man alone, ok. Let him do whatever he wants to do.

Don't be so kepoh. Whatever he do, he is answerable to whoever he has to answer to. Whatever he wants to say, let him has his say.

Don't like what he writes, don't read, ok? Want to read but has nothing good write to him, don't comment, ok?

Robert Foo said...

Hi anonymous 08 Nov...

So!!!! U see...Growing up isn't easy. What to share a bit...they demotivate. Keep quiet...they said you are old and good for nothing.These are all facts of life.

Thank you for reading my blog and your support.

Anonymous said...


Just to let you know that no matter how old you are, rich or poor, I love you just the way you are! You have brought a lot of HAPPINESS in my life!

Wild Cactus

Robert Foo said...

Hi Wild Cactus...

I know...coz I could feel it too. I love u too. Thanks for reading my blog again.