Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Laughing & giggling.

There were laughter from some of my friends when they read my last blog title..."Man's behaviour after sex". Little darling was laughing endlessly over the phone. Ah Fai was giggling at it. Some sent their sms with 'hihi!!' or 'hohoho!!' to acknowledge their reading. Meanwhile I was curious over their laughter. Is laughing or giggling the same? Something I like to ponder over!!

In brief laughing means; showing or feeling mirth or pleasure or happiness. And giggling means; laughing with repeated short high sounds. They sound alike but after asking a few friends, I think they are a bit different in gesture. These were what I had gathered...laughing when its funny and you laugh from the heart. Giggle can also be described as naughty, horny, sinister or sarcasm. Laughing is longer than giggling. However laughing with joy can be sincere because the vibration is from the heart. Laugh with a short breath can mean nothing. Like 'haha' is not a true laugh from the heart. If you could hear someone laughs with...muahahahahahaaaaa & wakakakakaaaaaahhhh!!!! with momentum....then you rest assure that is a sincere laugh of happiness or pleasure. The next time when you have a friend who giggles or laughs with you, observe how he does it. The way he laughs and giggles would reflex his character. Or perhaps someone out there could offer some insight to laughter, as laughter is the best medicine to life.

Food for the heart - "You don't stop laughing because you grow old; you grow old because you stop laughing" — Michael Pritchard

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