Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Is he smart or intelligent?

Are you intelligent or smart? Have you ever thought of that!! If you are not sure, then read on....

The dictionary wrote...intelligence is the capacity to acquire and apply knowledge. The word smart has more definition...characterized by sharp quick thought; amusingly clever; witty; energetic or quick in movement; canny and shrewd in dealings with others - a smart negotiator.

They look the same but in application, I think there are some differences in their meaning. An intelligent person might not be smart. Similarly a smart person might not be intelligent either. If you are intelligence and smart, most likely you will be successful. Intelligence alone could be straight forward but a smarter person is more rounded. An intelligent person might not be so attractive but for sure a smart person, especially a lady will be fashionable in personality. They are more livelier and stylish in behaviour.

From a closed acquittance, he said...Intelligent must fill in certain IQ level and very good at what they do best, eg. scientist and professionals, and they could be smart, if they know how to handle many things in many ways. Smart people learn from experiences and observation of daily lives and they also know how to bullshit, dramatize and make excuses.

All life insurance agents have to be intelligent to learn the trade. They have to pass all the necessary courses and classes for qualifying this career. However without the smartness of being a good salesperson, the agents might not be able to succeed.

My little darling is an admirable attractive lady. I have to be intelligent to capture her attention at the beginning, but without my smart conversation and courting, I won't have melted her heart.

I am sure everyone has certain amount of intelligence, but whether you have the smartness to understand the world better. Don't just stop here! Now use your intelligence to see.. you have the smartness to judge whether I am right or wrong again.

The difference - "Questions are the creative acts of intelligence." — Dr. Frank Kingdon & "The smart dog knew not to lay in the road'


dct said...

Intelligence = I.Q
Smart = I.Q + E.Q

Do you agree?

Robert Foo said...

Hi dct....

In simple term, they are the same. But if you were to think deeper into life...their application could be slightly different. Now you are throwing me an intelligence question and I have to be smart to answer them.

Thank you for reading my blog constantly.