Sunday, November 30, 2008

Smart story.

I think this was smart...

A true story of 35 years ago when I was a young salesman then. Chong was trying to sell a home made cough mixture originated by his grand father. Although the Chinese medicine was good but very few shops were prepared to retail for Chong. One day, accidentally he picked up a white man from the trunk road, who was hitchhiking his way from abroad. He was penniless and needed assistance. Chong brought him home, fed and clothed him well. The white man looked so different after he shaved plus added with the proper attire. Before he continued his journey, Chong requested him for some accompany him on his work. Chong took the white man to all his retail customers, telling them that the white man was the boss from England, which manufacted his cough mixture. The white man just needed to nod and smile to all those typical Chinese shopkeepers who were so happy to see him at their shops. After that, Chong didn't have to explain much about his products anymore. They were too satisfy to buy because they felt the cough mixture had the influence of the must be a good product. Chong was smart to play the mind of his customers. His products became popular and it sells by itself now.

There is a saying from the Asian..."When a white man farts, it would still be a good fart".


Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,

Its about making the minds believe by putting elements of influence and convinced.Regardless how you do it.
Its a skill to be sharpened to mastery, and perhaps in safer perspective because one day, there might be challenges and we need to understand our selling goods well.

Red Lavender

Robert Foo said...

HI Red Lavender..

I am glad you accepted this title with your comment. Thank you.