Monday, December 14, 2009

I am not old yet coz i still need sex.

My God brother is 63 and his wife is 55, whom i called as God sister too. Those who do not know them, might be thinking they are loving couple who is married for more than thirty years. In fact i think they are the most unhappiest couple i know at the moment. God sister would be nagging all the time and God brother is not the least bother to listen. He has lost all the drive to work, though he is an educated person. With the minimum income given by their children who are all married too, the husband and wife are living with a tight budget. Sometimes among friends who understand their situation, would take turns to help them out financially.

The main reason for this unhappy couple is Sex. Ever since God sister who has reached her menopause ten years ago, she began to loose interest in making love with her husband. On the other hand God brother was a highly sexual person was deprived of his needs. Those days, they were loving and romantic when they could participate in intimacy. He was much a happier and satisfied person who was also holding a high position at his work then. With lesser and lesser sexual activities, he too lost his interest in working. It came to a point, the wife won't even like to be touched by the husband. However she still has the jealousy of not letting her man to look at other women. Because of his possessive wife and religious sensitiveness, he is abstaining away from sex . His frustration made him to be arrogance and hot-temper in behaviour most of the time. Today both of them blame each other for their mistakes.

I believe there are many couples out there, who are like my God brother and sister who are caught in their misery world. The man who is still able to make love but the woman isn't interested in making. I think the main cause to their misunderstanding is mainly due to no proper communication within the both of them. He should be frank to his wife, telling her his needs and want. At the same time, she should listen to understand and try to provide the necessary. Nothing is impossible if both are prepared to compromise. Yes! The young loves to have sex but the old needs it as well. I hope my God brother and God sister would read this blog.

Food for the heart - "Sex between a man and a woman can be absolutely wonderful - provided you get between the right man and the right woman." ~Woody Allen

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