Thursday, December 10, 2009

Missing wife

A man went to police station for filing report for his missing wife:

Man: I lost my wife (misty)
Inspector: What is her height
Man: I never noticed
Inspector: Slim or healthy
Man: Not slim can be healthy
Inspector: Colour of eyes
Man: Never noticed
Inspector: Colour of hair
Man: Changes according to season
Inspector: What was she wearing
Man: Saree/suit/ I don’t remember exactly
Inspector: Was somebody with her ?????????
Man: Yes my Labrador dog, Romeo, tied with a golden chain, height 30 inches, healthy, blue eyes, blackish brown hair, his left foot thumb nail is slightly broken, he never barks, wearing a golden belt studded with blue balls, he likes non veg food, we eat together, we jog together…. And the man started crying…..
Inspector: Lets search for the dog first !!!!!!!

This story was sent over by a good associate, KY Wong. We might laugh over it but in true life it can happen to us. We so claimed we love our loved one, when we don't even know what they are like. So sad!

Food for thought - “One very important aspect of motivation is the willingness to stop and to look at things that no one else has bothered to look at. This simple process of focusing on things that are normally taken for granted is a powerful source of creativity...” - Edward de Bono quotes


Kadija said...

Dear Robert,,,,

ITs a good blog post.. I loved this lines 'willingness to stop and to look at things that no one else has bothered to look at' Most of us left this part in our life. Most of them take things for GRANTED.... and NEEDS.

Robert Foo said...

Hi my dear Kadija,

I am glad you are back reading my blog again. Each time you comment, i am sure you would learn something from it. See you more often.