Sunday, December 20, 2009

The qualities of an effective leader.

I had a chance to meet up with Raja, an influential man who almost knows all the powerful leaders internationally. According to him, an effective leader is one who is intelligence, smart, canny, cunning, shrewd, crafty, sly but also humble, kind, caring and understanding.

I was doubtful when he mentioned canny, cunning, shrewd, crafty and sly are the important factors for being an effective leader. Raja explained, without these unpleasant and agressive attitude, a leader would not be able to defence himself. What more to protect his nation or territories? This forceful act could only be applied to those who go against him or a threat to his well-being. Those who are not a threat or have no danger on him, he would be humble, kind and understanding to his followers. Many of his people would adore his good points but there bound to have few who would definitely dislike his presence.

Some are born leaders and most are not. Now i understand. Me and my little darling will never be good leaders because we are not cunning, shrewd, crafty and sly. Our heart and mind are too soft to say 'No' when it should be a 'No'. So! Are you shrewd and sly? If you are, perhaps you stand a chance to be a future leader in the making.

Food for thought - “A good leader inspires people to have confidence in the leader, a great leader inspires people to have confidence in themselves”

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