Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I lost two young friends within two months.

I was picking up the claim cheque on Ihsan who had passed away recently, when i received a call from Dr Bharti in the office. Though she was asking me how i was, i could sense she was not in a good frame of mind. With a sad voice she informed me that her daughter, Amrit had passed away last week in India. I was caught and stunned for a moment. Before i could hand over the death claim cheque to Ihsan's mother, another mother was crying for the lost of her beloved daughter.

Three years ago, while working and studying in Australia, Amrit was diagnosed with cancer. An immediate operation was done to remove the tumour. Later she came back to Malaysia for further treatment. While she was recovering from her sickness, our company paid her the critical illness medical insurance, which came very handy for her needs. About one and half years ago, she left for India which was her second home. With her speedy recovery, she also managed to gain employment as an accountant there. However two months ago, her father told me there was a relapse, when doctors detected another tumour in her brain this time. She was the only daughter and a darling to both her parents. I had seen Amrit grown since a little child, who was sweet and intelligent. I like talking with her because she had the charm of a true lady. It's so sad to see her succumbed with this painful cancer and she was only 31. Her birthday was on Sunday, when i had also sent her a birthday wish through the email without knowing the Lord had already called her home.

While writing these few words, with a sorrowful heart i cried in tears. I had lost two wonderful young friends within these two months. They are Ihsan and Amrit whom i would never forget. Though you are gone, your memories and thought would forever remain. As i am your attending life insurance agent, i promise to honour my words to you that i will deliver those dreams and requests you had advised upon in our contract. I sincerely pray to the Almighty Universe...May your soul rest in peace wherever you are now.

Food for thought - "The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time." ~Mark Twain


kadija said...

God Loves them more.... Nothing is in our hand. Everthing is temporary in this world. God bless their SOUL. THe real life starts whn we are beside god. THey are in a safer place.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Kadija,

One day we too would join them but meanwhile we make good of what we have at the moment.