Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Is money important?

Is money important? Most would say 'yes' and some might say 'no'. I just learned a Chinese proverb from a good friend, Honey Lee who said "If money can solve the problem, then it's not a problem." I think is true! If you could corrupt someone to save your life, then that's not a problem. Or if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness without a cure and money could not save your life, this is definitely a big problem.

Other than death, i believe all matters and issues could be solved with money. Even if a person is sentenced to death but not hang yet, i guess there is still a hope for this prisoner. On imagination only; if the prisoner concerned is extremely a wealthy and a powerful figure, and he is willing to pay 100 million, i guess there could be someone who might attempt to save him. But the fact is, who is willing to pay for such high stake for a live.

Another wisdom quiz over this money matter. Assuming you are the one who is to be hanged soon. A corrupted high judge knows you are a rich man and he is willing to save you for a 100 million dollars reward. You have exactly 1oo million dollars in your account. Are you willing to part all this cash to save your life or you prefer to be hanged? The judge isn't prepared to reduce a single dime. You either say 'yes' or a big 'no' and 'bye bye' to this world.

I know Deng Deng is reading my blog everyday. Would appreciate, if Deng Deng or anyone who could tell us your mind. Is money or life more important?

Unknown quote - “Money is not the most important thing in the world. Love is. Fortunately, I love money.”


Wan said...

Hi Robert..
Regarding your question, I guess it also depends on the situation. If I do not have any family members, I'll just bribe as I can make another 100 million.
Otherwise, I'll leave the money to my family for I do not know how to face them (for whatever crime committed).
But, if it is due to illness...100Million is worth the deal unless I am too old to make more money after recovery.
Take care, Robert...

Robert Foo said...

Hi Wan...

You are truly a wise man with these good reasoning. I am sure you always make good decision in your life.

Personally i think, anyone who has acquired his wealth by his own self, would find it difficult to part away his cash all at one time. He might prefer to die rather than to live poor.

Only a wise man like you would do it. Thank you for sharing your thought.

Anonymous said...

Hi Robert,
It must be a very serious crime that i've commit. Its a NO for me. As a muslim i assume the punishment is what i have to face for the sin that i have done. To clear my name and dignity, i use half of the money to do charity and helping people and the other half to my family.

P/s: I will tell the judge.. ""i'll give u 1 million if u ask them to hang me faster"".

take care Robert

zairi shaz

Robert Foo said...

Hi Zairi Shaz,

I like your answer. Me too! I might as well give the money to charity and help those who need it.

Thank you for your comment.

DengDeng said...

It is my pleasure and pressure to be invited comment at here. ;)

To rescue your life in that situation, either you can pay the 100 million dollar to the judge or pay lower amount to someone to buy-off the judge's life.

Definitely life is the most important. Money, as long as we still have the breathing, we can find the way to earn the money.

I measure the money I spent by the value and not the pricing.

I would like to throw back a money question to all the readers here.
What is your number (in term of money) for someone to buy your characteristic and personality?


Robert Foo said...

Hi Deng Deng,

Another smart answering and an intelligent question here from you.

I think it takes a lot of guts and frankness for someone to answer that question.

Some might have the guts but not truthful. What about you my dear friend?