Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Is that the real reason?

Do you know not all replies, responses or answers are true? A lady might say she doesn't love you but deep down her heart she loves you so much. If you are a doop and could not sense her inner soul, then you might have missed the opportunity to win her over. Would you agree readers?

I am only referring to love as above, but in all aspect of life, everyone of us don't seem to be telling the truth most of the time. Let's move on. A woman might be attracted to a lovely dress in a boutique. Upon checking she realized the price was extremely expensive, and she just could not afford it. She was too shy to tell the truth. Instead she gave the excuse as the colour was not suitable, saving her inner pride as she had no money to buy. Next! A well dressed gentleman was shown several apartments for sale with his girlfriend. He was trying to impress his new found love, when he had no intention to buy. His excuses to the agent was, either too expensive, too small the apartments or locations were not suitable. The hidden truth wasn't reveal at all. Funny isn't it?

I have been selling life insurance for coming to thirty years now. Not many prospects could take me for a ride if they are not truthful in buying. As a professional salesperson, my skill is to identify the real reasons for not buying. Unless the real reasons are known, one would never be able to assist our buyers to buy. A prospect might say our products are weak or unattractive, a good salesperson has the ability to check and verify the truth. If he could help to locate the hidden doubts, the chances would be better for the sales to conclude convincingly.

So the next time when a prospect says he is not interested to buy life insurance, it might not be true. Perhaps the real reason is, he is financially tight. Unless we could help to resolve his financial problem, he would never be able to buy. Right?

Food for thought - "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to put its pants on." ~Winston Churchill

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