Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A person who has love, has right mental attitude.

One of my recent client, Dato Dr. Raja Mohamad invited me and my team to speak to his marketing staffs. They sell The OIC Today, a business & investment magazine meant for the Islamic world.

I presented my favorite topic, TEAMWORK, highlighting the 30 attributes to be a star performer. A star is one who has the right mental attitude to excel in any circumstances and in any working environment. All the attributes are inborn in themselves, and its up to them to apply or not to apply. For instance, they know what is honesty but whether they want to be honest is up to the individual. To work hard is one of the 30 attributes but they find so difficult to work on it everyday. Humanity is a powerful attribute but to be honest and sincere to feel for others could be debatable.

I created the awareness of these common 30 attributes, and is up to these young people to accept them whole heartily. I believe there are three different groups who had listened. The first group is those who would accept my points and applied what they had learned today. The second group is those who think they are intelligence and need not follow what i said. Lastly is the third group who is irresponsible and not bother what had been mentioned.

Looking at their eyes and facial, those who fall into the first grouping are those who have love in their heart. My belief; "A Happy Heart Sees A Beautiful World." A person who has a happy heart is one who has Love, Romance & Sex complete. These magical forces of love will light up their mind and heart, when they would accept and apply the good things of life. Love seldom fails. I am sorry to say, those who fall into the second and third group are those who lack love in their heart. Perhaps a sad and unhappy heart could never see the world beautiful. These are the people who would always not having the right mental attitude in life. I definitely can't change them. Only love will.

Dr. Albert Schweitzer: Inspirational Quotes: Attitude Quotes
"An optimist is a person who sees a green light everywhere; while a pessimist sees only the red stop light. The truly wise person is color blind."

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