Tuesday, December 29, 2009

No tipping No services

Is tipping good or bad? Some might say bad but i think is good.

Quite recently i patronised an Indian Restaurant, one i used to have my afternoon tea. I noticed the level of services had dropped drastically. The waiters and cashier did not smile, and were unfriendly. They were nominated with a One Star cleanliness restaurant by the local council few years ago. The framed recognised certificate was still at displaced over near the cashier. However the floor was dirty and the toilet was equally bad. I was wondering why the overall service and maintenance had been slackened so badly! As i was looking around, i realised a big signboard written "No Tipping" was posted besides the back of the cashier. Ahah! That was the reason.

Life needs challenges and rewards. No tipping could be good to stingy customers. But no tipping is discouraging to those working staffs. Not all waiters have the right attitude in work, and without tipping most are not bother to give the extra miles. Perhaps the boss thought that the No Tipping request is positive, but in actual fact it has more setback than being progressive in his business. I wish i had the chance to tell him!

Tipping isn't compulsory. Tipping is just a dining manner to appreciate those who have done his best to serve. A good tipper is one who has the heart for others. Giving the encouragement and support for the other person to work harder. I am one who never fail to tip those who deserve to be tipped.

The Tipping Point - "How little things can make a big different" - Malcolm Gladwell quotes

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