Thursday, December 24, 2009

Woman is equally difficult to please too.

Women are equally difficult to please too. Don't believe? Ask Jenny. Her boyfriend who just started working, inexperience and lacking in love & romance. Though he loved Jenny so much, she still not happy with him. She did not feel secure financially with him. He might have the time for her, he could not afford to flower her heart with dreams. To Jenny, love wasn't just empty promises, love does not live on air and water alone. She loved shopping, flashy car, holidays and a dream house, and the poor young man did not have that much of money in his account yet. Out go the man, and Jenny preferred to remain single.

Along the way, Jenny met a rich older man who captured her attention with his expensive sport car. He had all the cash to pamper his new found darling. They went for long holidays abroad, an apartment was bought for her and she needs not have to work anymore because the man promised to pay her every month. Jenny was happy for a short span of time, but when he did not spend more time with her, quarrel started to surface gradually between both of them. Out of lonesome and frustration, Jenny broke the relationship though the man still loved her so dearly. Money could not replace love in this case. At the end, Jenny preferred to remain alone again without man.

Funny isn't it! The first man had no money but had the time, Jenny wasn't happy. The second ideal man so thought, was successful and wealthy but had less time for her, Jenny was also not happy. Luckily i was not the first or the second man. Otherwise i might be the most unhappiest man. To satisfy women isn't easy.

Specially for men - "Women like silent men. They think they're listening." ~Marcel Achard, Quote

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