Friday, August 06, 2010

Earning your Trust in selling.

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I was at Taha's office yesterday preparing my annual insurance review with him. Most of my clients like my regular financial reviews with them, when i could advise and suggest any necessary adjustment on their plans.

Before i started my review, Taha told me there was a recent sales call from an agent representing my company, wanting to explain and to market a new range of insurance product to him. I believe was another new agent trying to prospect Taha who holds a senior managerial position in a reputable company in town.

Taha confidently told the agent, all his insurances are handled by Mr Robert Foo and he is the only agent he trusts in the industry. Should there be some new products, he strongly believes Robert would know what is best for him and his family. He only listens my recommendation.

Those statements really made my day. I was speechless and honoured. I felt great and was appreciated. I am sure that agent who called him, knew it was almost impossible to reach his prospect who is so satisfied with his servicing agent.

To my fellow colleagues who aspire this challenging career, and who intend to stay successful in our business, you have to be sincere and honest with your clients. Sincerity and honesty cannot be taught or trained but rather is from the heart. You might be an intelligent agent but without sincerity and honesty, the life long journey in selling might be tough. Taha has been my client since 1991. We have had gone through the good and the difficult path of life. I had seen him fall, when i assisted and inspired him to rise. Definitely he is a smart person who could sense the character and value of my personality. Obviously these twenty eight years of full commitment in my career, has earned the trust and creditability from my faithful clients.

For that agent who could not approach Taha, please don't be rejected and feel bad over the outcome. You hadn't failed but rather you are learning from this mistake. Coz mistakes are always our teachers in life. Just be patience and have perseverance, and it's a matter of time you would master The Art of Selling.

My strongest belief - “To be trusted is a greater compliment than being loved” - George MacDonald quotes

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