Thursday, August 05, 2010

How to employ a honest & sincere staff?

Is not easy to get a good staff to work for you, neither is it easy to get an understanding boss too. Not me! I have a secretary who has been working for me for the past 18 years. She is my dear Hafizah, she calls me darling boss and i address her dear.

18 years ago when my previous girl left me, i requested some friends to recommend a staff for me. I told them, i only need a simple lady who could work with me as long as i live. Beauty wasn't important, qualification wasn't necessary as long as she writes and could speak reasonable well, neither did i need an intelligent brain but she has to be honest and sincere. The best way to get an honest and sincere person was to engage one who is religiously inclined.

On the first day when Hafizah came to my office, she was fully clothed with black from top to bottom. She had the typical Islamic personality look. Those days not many International Companies would take staffs who had no colour on their dressing. Black resembles faithfulness and spiritual. Without asking much from her, i immediately employed her happily because a religious person has to be honest and sincere. She is answerable to God all the time and i felt safe to be working along with her. True enough, my dear has been with me for the past good 18 years. Though i hardly go into the office all the time, i know she would be diligently working alone there.

She might not be so smart at the beginning but i taught her the knowledge and skill as we worked along. Her dressing might be a bit dull those day but with some encouragement, she added colour and fashion to her present look. Thanks God! Her strong spiritual belief offers her the right attitude in character. Honesty and faithfulness are the main factors that kept her with me for these many years. Thank you my dear Hafizah. Thank you for working with me.

Yes! Don't forget she is also lucky to be working with a fun and a most understanding darling boss too. Right? We need both hands to clap together.

Food for thought - “Honesty is the best policy. If I lose mine honor, I lose myself” - William Shakespeare quotes


renuka said...

I never knew Black resembles faithfulness and spiritual. I only know since Kid that my father don't allow me to wear black clothings. It's a believe created by westerners that black is only worn for funerals (I guess so).And yes, you can trust religious person a lot. Sometimes miracle happens in times of emergency when you have such person with you.

Robert Foo said...

Hi Renuka,

I trust more of a religious person than a non religious one, immaterial of what beliefs.

Alvin Foo said...

felt like it was yesterday when fizah joined you dad, i was only 20 years old, still doing my 2nd year in law school. Now i m turning 40 and she is still with you, its an great feat with lots of loyalty and friendship built upon it. Though i havent seen fizah for a while now, pls extend my best wishes to her and thank her for all that she had helped me. Will definitely look her up when i m back in kl.

You are both lucky to have each other dad, i m sure there are many good year ahead.

Robert Foo said...

Hi son,

Our dear Fizah still talked so much about you, she remembered every moment of time you were with her when u spent those hours at our office. You caused her some inconvenient, she didn't mind, you took her peace of mind, she kept it in silent...u have to appreciate her the next time when you see her my son.

I know and rest assure, she would be with us for a long long time.