Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Health first or sex first?

I was brought up in a typical Chinese environment, where belief in superstition was strong. Luckily my mum sent me to the English school, where i was taught the knowledge to believe in practical and logic.

The Old Chinese saying, "Less sex and one should live a longer life." Is it true? I think it's nonsense because i seldom saw old folks those days were happy and strong. By the time they were in the fifties, they were already considered as old when they totally abstained from sex. The husband and wife would be sleeping in different room and bed, avoiding physical contact of each other. At that stage of life, sex should be erased from their mind when they should concentrate on their health and well being. Frankly speaking i never saw my father and mum were happy as loving couple when they were old. I guessed they didn't even know what was love and sex. So sad for them!

Today SEX is an important word to every one of us. Now my question is.."Is Good health first or Good sex first? Sex is important but without good health sex is out of the way. On the hand good sex provides a better understanding for a couple, which leads to further development of a better life. According to a recent medical talk conducted by a professional gynecologist, she said regular and frequent active sex is definitely an enhancement to the overall health for the man and woman. They tend to be less stressful and are more energised instead. More sex could help the person lives longer and happier. However she reminded, to have a strong and effective sex life, one has to be healthy as well. Good food and nourishment, plus plenty of exercise could only strengthen good sex. So whether is Sex first or Health first, they both come together as a way of life.

Thanks God! I didn't listen to those old folks to abstain from active sex as we are aging. Otherwise i might be like them living an uninteresting life without love. What about you?

Funny isn't it!!! "God gave us a penis and a brain, but not enough blood to use both at the same time" - Robin Williams

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