Monday, August 30, 2010

Writing & Speaking are two different skills

Writing and speaking are two different skills. I believe those who could write well, might not be able to speak confidently on stage or openly with a crowd. Likewise those who could speak very well, might find it hard to write and express their thoughts on writing.

In the course of my work, i observed those who work as management staffs and needed to communicate on paper, always write efficiently without difficulty. However if they were required to stand up to speak their mind, they might go speechless on the platform. On the other hand, those who sell and market, find speaking is easy as ABC. Some could even 'out talk' birds from flying down their hands, a Chinese phrase of good speaking. Believe me, when you request them to write a letter or complaint, it's going to be the hardest task in their work.

As efficient life insurance agents, not only we should express well but we have to write well too. So sad! Most of us could speak like an orator, in writing they score almost zero skill. Their grammar, spelling, vocabulary and the command of the language is horrible. They are capable to bring in the sales without writing. In the long run, i wonder how they could be able to provide good services when they are unable to communicate in writing with the Principle and the clients. Yes! you can speak and talk but you still need to put your talking into writing for future references as well.

Talking is my hobby and thanks God, blogging helps me to improve my writing. Let me talk, i could capture your mind. Let me write, i think i could win your heart too. Am i right?

Food for thought - “Write to be understood, speak to be heard, read to grow...”- Lawrence Clark Powell quotes


Wan said...

Hi Robert,
I truly agreed with you.
Sometimes I find it challenging to speak confidently as I am the writing type.
However, for insurance deals, I realised that as long as we are sincere and speak our mind with honesty, that would be a significant portion of confidence level our prospects have in us.
Besides speaking confidently, we also need to walk confidently.
I have alot more to learn & to share..
Only through practices and observance, we can improve ourselves.
Thank you for sharing with us through your WONDERFUL blog...

Have a GREAT day, Robert!

Robert Foo said...

Hi Wan,

Yes! I observed you write better, whereas i speak and cakap banyak.

Most of my fellow colleagues find it difficult to write, especially nowaday company wants us to write instead of over the phone.

You correct me and i encourage you to speak effectively the next round when we meet. Boleh tak?

Wan said...

Tentulah BOLEH...
Hope to catch up with you soon....