Thursday, August 19, 2010

Is the educational degree important?

Lately i seemed to be involving in some counselling free services to few young people who are under stress. A concerned mother called to seek my advices regarding her daughter and her boyfriend's future. Both these couples are 26 of age, who had returned from Britain a year back, studying together and qualifying with a specialised degree.

Ying is the pretty lady and Ng is the handsome gentleman. They both look intelligence to me, and in all ways they are compatible to each other. The lady has a stronger character and a bit emotional but luckily the boyfriend who is more gentle in words, helps to soften his lady. However both are not happy currently because they could not get job which is relevance to their qualification. Ying feels extremely bad because her parents had financially supported heavily on her while she was studying abroad. Though she is back home, her skill is unwanted here. Ng has taken an educational loan, and he is also very worried on how to repay his debts.

Due to their worrisome and fear, they get upset and agitated quite easily. Sometimes unconsciously and unintentionally, both these young people could argue and quarrel with their parents. Parents are not happy because they aren't working and they are frustrated because nobody wants to engage them.

After listening and trying to understand their problems and feelings, i drew to this conclusion; "An unhappy heart sees an ugly world." With their current negative mood and emotion, non of them would be able to think clear, or to speak gentle and sweet.

My personal advices to these two young friends, drop your qualification status. After all education is merely to seek knowledge with your intelligence, but you have to be smart to apply what you have learned. With their magnificent personality and the ability to speak well, there are many unspecific jobs which are always available in the market. I believe the most well paid job is to the one who could speak and express confidently, look smart and has a pleasant manner.

Look at me, i have got no degree, barely made it with a basic education, much much older than all of you but my market value is almost priceless. Today i can consider myself as a teacher, counsellor, platform speaker, motivator, preacher, half doctor, fate healer, writer, blogger and a demn good salesperson. What is my qualification... my sincere heart.

Hi Ying & Ng, once you have a happy heart, you would see everything beautiful. The way you think is definitely more assuring and positive, the words you use becomes more acceptable and nice to hear. Then magic will happen when everyone just loves to employ you. My final offer to you both...please call me when you need help and advice. I am just one call away from you.

To these new found friends... "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out" - Robert Collier.

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