Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Lust & Greed.

This was the recent headline on our local news... "200 cheated of RM10mil by foreigners claiming to be college boys." At least 200 people in the city have been conned of nearly RM10mil since early last year by foreigners who entered the country on student visas, but never once stepped into a classroom.

I was not spared either. Few days ago, i received an email from a lady claiming to be single and available. Out of curiosity, i replied her (could be a man) to say that i am a 73 years old man but with four wives. Asking her whether she is still interested in me. Two days later she wrote quite a lengthy letter to introduce herself as a half Malaysian and half a British. Her father was from Malaysia and her mum is a white lady. She has never stayed in Malaysia before because she was brought up by her mother in London. She is a divorcee without any children, aged 36 years young. She intends to look for a sincere Malaysian whom she could visit and have relationship. With a naughty thought, i wrote to her again. Telling her my four wives have deserted me because i am financially broke and non of my children love and care for me. Are you still interested in me?

Surprise and more surprises! She wrote me this fantastic mail which i like to share to all my readers. Her letter..."I'm so happy that i finally meet a nice Malaysia person but how come you dont communicate with me anymore?, you capture my every thought, i want to have your pictures on my laptop, if you dont mind to send me more pictures of you to my email, i will be more than happy to get them, you are a sweet person and its rare. One thing you should know more about me is that I am a very honest and modest, hope you like that, i do not even speak little of Malaysia language, oh so bad, hope you will teach me? I will be on my computer waitin to read again from you, your sweet words and assuring too, thank you so so glad i met you...take care now...Please I want you to help me look for a very nice house with swimming pool and a lawn tennis court in a very nice location because I will like to buy a house. Also I want to know about good business that I can invest in there in Malaysia or you can tell me about your job and let me see if i can invest in it. Would be nice if you call me on my cell phone; +447xxxxxxxxx."

Plus she attached her lovely sexy photos to tempt me. Sorry not good to show her photos. Believe me, any younger men might fall for her pictures. By reading her contents, i know she isn't a British. Nevertheless she used sweet words and money to draw my attention. One thing i learned in my early life, "good things don't come easy."

To all my fellow Malaysian, please be careful with all these tricks and fancies. The best way to avoid being cheated is not to be greedy in life.

A friendly advice - "Lust and greed are more gullible than innocence" - Mason Cooley

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