Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Is 24 hours enough?

Have you heard of the Planet X Nibiru?

The Planet X Nibiru 2012 theory is a supposed clash between our planet Earth and an extremely large planet. Many people believe this will take place in the early 21st century. The Term Planet X Niburu 2012 has been linked to the doomsday prediction of December 21st, 2012. You will often here this doomsday event referred to as simply 2012, Planet X or Nibiru.

Perhaps if ever Planet X Nibiru draws nearer to our Planet Earth, our gravity might be affected and our earth rotation could be slower than normal. I am just curious, instead of our normal 24 hours a day, the gravity force and rotation change our system to be 48 hours a day. What happen then my friends?

I asked several contacts this question... Do you like 48 hours a day? Some said yes and many said no. The yeses are.... more time to make money, more time to sleep and more time for holidays. Those who disagreed... have to work more, don't know what time to get up and have to wait longer to receive salaries.

Master Lee loves 48 hours. He said... he could work for 40 hours and sleeps 8 hours everyday. Steph dislikes because she has to serve her clients more than 24 hours of day light hours. Not me! I enjoy sleeping and i would allow myself to sleep two times a day. More time for me to make love and enough hours for me to blog and blog. 48 hours a day is wonderful for me. What about you?

Food for thought - "There is not enough time to do all the nothing we want to do" - Bill Watterson quotes

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