Friday, August 20, 2010

Intelligence versus smart

Today i feel sad as one of my closed working associate has lost her composure. She could not control her temper and anger against her work. I thought she is my best student who should be able to manage her own emotion. I have been teaching her wisdom of life for quite some time. And yet she failed.

Just a reminder to her and all my readers. There are two types of people, one who uses her intelligence to work and the other one applies smartness. Intelligent people have super brain, they could be high earner or achiever, and their expectation in life and work is always high. Employer, director or professional who applies intelligence on their work, could be demanding, forceful, dictatorial and aggressive. They expect result, not knowing those who work under them might not be as intelligence as them. If the employees are as intelligence as the boss, they would have been a boss as well too. Right? The earning of the boss compares with those working under her is a vast different. Being intelligent when they could not get immediate result from their staffs or perhaps the staffs could have made unintentional mistakes, eventually create misunderstanding and argument between boss and workers. Intelligent people get angry fast, tend to be arrogance and easily be frustrated. Are you my dear? I am sure you are reading my blog.

On the hand, people who work with smartness tend to be more calm, relax and understanding. Whatever they have learned with their basic intelligence, they apply them smartly on their day to day affairs. They understand not everyone is perfect in this world, they are aware most working people are not as smart as them. Instead of being the demanding type, they use encouragement and inspiration to assist their staffs to deliver their assignments. There is no forceful word but rather words are pleasant to listen and to follow. They aren't dictator to their working force, they treat their staffs like brothers and sisters. Nothing could be perfect. In case mistakes and errors do happen, they would take them as a learning lesson. After all, is only through mistakes that we learn in life. Smart people seldom get angry but rather they laugh and smile when someone tries to irritate them. Smart bosses are always the humourous and the fun type, when everyone enjoys working with them. No smart people would take anger and frustation home. They solve the problems immediately. And they would forgive and forget to those who have caused the problems while working.

I hope she would be smarter and wiser than her intelligence. Otherwise the loser could still be hers when her heartaches and the mind trembles. This is what i call the understanding of wisdom my dear.

Specially to the disturbed lady - "A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them" - John C. Maxwell

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